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Not Bernie's Fault - But Bernie Zealots Share Blame

Category: 2016
Posted: 09/07/17 18:40

by Dave Mindeman

I can't blame Bernie Sanders for doing anything wrong in the 2016 election. But I do blame his zealot followers.

Bernie ran a good campaign and he brought a considerable number of new and younger people into his campaign. Bernie raised issues that were proper and needed attention.

But zealots within his campaign were more intent on destroying the Democratic Party than getting Bernie elected.

We have a two party system. It is flawed, yes, but it has worked for nearly 250 years just fine. Bernie realized quite clearly that an independent Presidential campaign would not succeed. Every independent venture fails because our system is too dependent on the either/or choice.

So Bernie ran an incredible race. He was an underdog from the get go and surprised even himself at how far he was able to go. But in the end, he lost the nomination. Only one person gets to be on the ballot for the major parties. It is just how it works.

But Bernie zealots, of course, would not accept that. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they believed the nomination was stolen from him. They overstated the power of Debbie Wasserman Schulz. They blamed the mechanics of the Democratic Party - even though Bernie won all the caususes which is the only thing the Democrats can control. They blamed the Super Delegates - even though Hillary had won more elected delegates than Bernie had.

The zealots refused to accept defeat.

Bernie did accept it. Maybe he could have done more during the campaign like Hillary did for Obama, but he was gracious and accepting.

But somehow that message did not get through to those who had not experienced a campaign loss before.

And rather than make the right choice between the Republican Donald Trump and the Democrat Hillary Clinton, they decided on "protest votes" for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson or yes, even Donald Trump.

Protest votes never do any good. And in the case of 2016, they were a disaster. Just as Ralph Nader gave us George W. Bush - dissatisfaction within the Democratic Party gave us Donald Trump.

Republicans don't protest vote. They only vote for anything with a R next to the name. And in the case of Donald Trump that really does mean "anything".

Democrats need to figure this out - and soon.
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Where Are The Indictments?

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 09/07/17 18:17

by Dave Mindeman

The Russia/Trump investigation grinds along and every step along the way leads to a massive conspiracy of collusion and treasonous activity.

Frankly, I do not understand why charges have not been coming. The evidence is piling up exponentially. And what is worse - the crimes are ongoing. The Trump administration is a rogue entity and the US suffers damage every day.

This is not hyperbole. Each day something new is added which has more ramifications on America. He is not making America great again; he is making America dysfunctional again.

Donald Trump Jr has had several weeks to come up with a reason behind his June 2016 meeting with Russian representatives. His e-mails clearly state that they were Russian. That they had information from the Russian government. And that Russia was finding ways to promote Donald Trump in the election.

And now, Donnie Junior is attributing it to an effort to find out of Hillary Clinton's fitness for office. Really?

As one person commented...."BUT THEY WERE RUSSIANS!!!"

Even people who make a living on opposition research do not consult foreign adversarial powers as some kind of trusted source for information.

Trump and Trump Jr. have made their pact with the devil long ago. They use whatever means necessary. They live on the edges of legality. They want only what benefits them and only them.

The chants of "lock her up" are particularly grating on the psyche when you think about the real criminality that Trump has been utilizing throughout the campaign.

We need indictments....now.
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Hillary's Has A Book - Opportunity To Pile On

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 09/07/17 14:15

by Dave Mindeman

Hillary Clinton has a book out on the 2016 election.

Which seems to be another opportunity to bash Hillary Clinton for existing. She has been criticized for not being forthcoming on things - so she writes an honest book and points to the things she feels went wrong (including things she did) but that apparently is too forthright.

This election was stolen from her. She is the rightful President. The Russian propaganda tactics are coming out as more intense than we ever imagined. And Democrats were as gullible to that barrage as any Republican on the planet.

Yeah, maybe we are dwelling too much on the past - but if anyone has the right to vent it is Hillary Clinton. When the election was over, too many people jumped on another Clinton bashing bandwagon. She has never been able to do the right thing as far as the majority of people are concerned. She has been a right wing punching bag for decades - but what was unique about this election was the way some Democrats piled on.

Competency matters. Policy matters. A proper world view matters.

I get angry thinking about the way this woman was treated and continues to be treated. She doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve - probably because emotional women aren't allowed in politics - but she has a compassionate heart. Always has. And that is something we sorely need right now.

Maybe she was slightly right of the progressive viewpoints - but she was always with us on the environment, abortion rights, immigration, health care, education, and children's health.

Think we don't need a person on our side for those issues now?

I know Hillary is a major point of contension with Democrats and Republicans alike. But I think we all have done enough damage to her, her reputation, and ultimately to ourselves for one lifetime.

Let her have her say - she earned the right.
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