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Pre-Existing Conditions

Category: Health Care
Posted: 05/05/17 18:46, Edited: 05/05/17 18:47

by Dave Mindeman

Here is another thing to consider as the AHCA GOP bill further weakens the protections on pre-existing conditions.

In the future you will probably find that health insurance companies will require you to take a DNA chromosome test. This will go onto your medical file and held confidential like all of your medical records.

But let's say that later on in life, you contract a debilitating illness. And let's also stipulate that it has genetic marker components.

Before you get your treatment covered, the health insurance company will point out that your chromosome test had a genetic marker that predicted a high probability that the disease you have was "always there".

Coverage denied.

Due to a pre-existing condition.

Does the AHCA protect you from that, should a state request a waiver?


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