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Trump Oversight Is A Joke

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 11/26/16 17:35

by Dave Mindeman

During the campaign, Republicans (and sometimes Bernie supporters) would gleefully point out the appearances of impropriety involving Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.

It was always a stretch. Clinton was not paid by the Foundation. She did not financially benefit. And in order for the Foundation to finance the enormous projects they undertake, they had to court wealthy donors. That meant potential foreign donors. Donors that had dealings with the Secretary of State on various matters. It was a fine line - and Republicans used every opportunity to criticize any appearance of a connection.

And then there is Trump.

Hear any conservative outrage here? Any at all?

Trump doesn't just have the appearance of impropriety, he has outright conflicts of interests. His businesses are affected by foreign governments - which, as President, he will directly contact. He wants to renegotiate trade policies, which will directly benefit his investments. He has no plans to divest his assets and if he does his version of a blind trust, it will be with his family in charge. Which, by definition, is not a blind trust. He expects special treatment for his assets just because he is President. Which is an absolute Constitutional violation.

Yet, there is no conservative outcry. There is only excuses. Reasons to allow it. Inconsistent narratives to explain.

It's a cruel joke. And the American people are stuck with it, because the only oversight we have are in Republican hands....which only investigates things with the Clinton name on it.
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GOP Patriotism Is No Longer Red, White, And Blue - Just RED

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 11/26/16 17:12

by Dave Mindeman

Remember the "patriotic" Republicans? The ones who used to castigate those who would desecrate the flag? The "America - Love it or leave it" crowd? The people who would defend America at every juncture and never let foreign influence be a part of the American way? Who hated foreign aid, the UN, and France?

Well, that same crowd seems to be OK with Russia getting involved in our affairs. They have become Putin apologists.

Russia hacks Democratic emails and tries to influence the election. They have contacts with the Republican nominee. They distribute and promote fake news sites that attempt to give an edge to the Republicans. Several members of the Trump team, past and present, have distinct ties to Russian influence.

Why is there no outrage from the conservatives?

Today Fidel Castro died. And the right seems to think that liberals are not angry enough about the policies of the old Communist.

Yet, they seem tolerant of an old KGB agent's meddling in American affairs.

Is it because he was meddling to promote their side? It's ok to have foreign influence if it helps Republicans?

If the Russians had done these same things to the Republicans - what would be the GOP reaction? I think it would be obvious. The echo chamber would be on fire. And Democrats would be castigated for tolerating such outrage.

And yet, Putin is rewarded with eager outreach from Trump. He wants "better" relations. More contact and trade. Russia is "our friend". All the while they are placing missiles near NATO allies.

It appears that Republicans will do anything, overlook anything, and allow anything that gives them a path to power.

I guess Republicans are "patriotic" in name only. The reality is they just want control and whatever means it takes to get it, is acceptable. The GOP is no longer red, white and blue -- just RED.
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Rural MN:Dems Problem Is Not What They Do-It's Telling The Story

Category: Society
Posted: 11/16/16 00:28, Edited: 11/16/16 00:30

by Dave Mindeman

There is an enormous amount of talk regarding the Democratic Party's inability to meet the needs of rural America. To talk to the white working class.

I say that this is only partly true.

Maybe the Democratic Party has failed to articulate what they have done for rural America, but they are the only Party that has actually helped.

Let's take Minnesota for example.

Here the Democrats had to push broadband service in rural areas over the obstruction of the MN GOP. The Democrats fought to fund and maintain the funding of Local Government Aid, which often gave rural communities a chance to meet local budgets without raising property taxes too high.

And in regards to health care. While it is true that individual premiums spiked via the ACA, we seem to have forgotten that many rural farmers have been able to access Minnesota Care due to the asset changes brought about with the MNSure law.

And while the MN GOP House did help rural Minnesota in regards to nursing home costs and staffing - their past (and probably future) budgets always target Health and Human Services for draconian cuts. HHS is a rural staple in regards to rural health services; rural communities need more, not less in health benefits.

And then there is infrastructure. Rural communities rely on state bonding to fund their water projects, their community centers, their outsized road and bridge problems, and their emergency service projects. Democrats have always been as generous as possible in bonding projects that meet those needs. Republicans only fund a minimum of these essential projects. Making the argument that it costs too much per capita - or that bonding must be used only for a state wide interest.

Democrats do...while Republicans take credit.

These past elections have seen the GOP in both Houses pretend that they and they alone watch out for the needs of rural Minnesota. But they end up spending way more on attack ads, then funding actual services that meet rural needs.

Democrats have had issues with greater Minnesota - but it is not about what they have done for them. No, the problem is with telling the real story. They assume that their deeds are self evident. But when drowned out by targeted message rhetoric, the story gets changed.

Republicans will control both Houses of the legislature in 2017. Kurt Daudt has already shown us that he talks a lot about individual premiums issues but has done nothing in the way of acting on the problem.

I suspect that more of the same will be happening in January.
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