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Slamming West Virginia

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 03/18/17 16:06, Edited: 03/18/17 23:30

by Dave Mindeman

Yesterday, the Charleston, WV Gazette-Mail newspaper had an interesting headline...

Trump Budget Slams West Virginia

Trump won in WV with 69% of the vote. He made promises there about coal that he can never keep. He promised jobs that will never happen. But a pretty desperate population believe it. And they are watching and waiting.

Trump voters have been patient. They still believe in him (although why that would be, given his record on truth is still a mystery).

But Trump's actions have not matched his words when it comes to the coal country expectations. He keeps talking up coal. He keeps up the rhetoric they want to hear. But he has no plan. And there is no help in his proposed budget. In fact, he makes things worse.

West Virginia Appalachia is very dependent on the ACA health plan. They are aware that Trump joined in the GOP repeal mantra- but they were convinced that this would not apply to them. Trump would not let that happen. He would accommodate their needs.

But, as the West Virginia paper explained, you cannot escape the fact that what Trump plans will make a bad situation much, much, worse.

One of the basic cuts in the Trump budget is to eliminate the Appalachian Regional Commission. This agency was not solving the WV job problem, but it was presenting an interim life line with small job projects which helped on the margins. It was completely funded by the Federal government and if that funding goes away, the Commission will also go away. West Virginia doesn't have the means to fund it directly.

The Commission goes all the way back to 1960 and John F. Kennedy. It has done what it can with the limited resources it has been given over the years, but Donald Trump is ending it. Ending it without regards to his own supporters who need it so very much.

I don't know how Appalachia coal country can keep wishing and hoping. How long can they put their faith in a President who has already moved past them...a President who has forgotten their plight now that he doesn't need them.

But he has made it clear that helping them is not the priority they thought it would certainly have to be.

Coal country needs a new diversified economy...not promises to take them back to the mining company robber barons of the past.

That is the bottom line.
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Trump Promises on Health Care

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 03/13/17 02:25

by Dave Mindeman

Just for review. What did Trump promise in campaign and recent days on health care. Let's see.....

1/15/2017: "We're going to have insurance for everybody."

9/27/2015: "Everybody's got to be covered.....I am going to take care of everybody."

1/25/2017: "We're going to come up with a new plan that's going to be better health care for more people at a lesser cost."

2/18/2016: "The new plan is good. It is going to be inexpensive. It is going to be much better for the people at the bottom, people that don't have much money."

2/19/2016: "You're going to end up with great health care for a fraction of the price. And that's going to take place immediately."

Now, when you look at the GOP health care bill, does any of it resemble those promises. Any of it?

Just for the record.
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US History: Looking Back From 2050

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 03/05/17 17:03

by Dave Mindeman

A Minnesota school in the year 2050.

Teacher begins her US history lesson.

Teacher: OK, class, today we are going to discuss the Trump presidency in 2017. We can trace many of today's problem back to that time period. It is unfortunate that the people of that time were so short sighted as to allow this reversal of progress to happen at such a critical time.

Historians have argued for some time about whether or not the Trump administration set us on this course where the environmental changes have caused the loss of 30% of Florida and put half of New York city underwater. And, indeed, have relegated our scientists to salvaging what they can of our climate. But historians are fairly certain that the economic collapse of 2019 was a direct result of removal of the banking regulations and the dismantling of progress into renewable energy. Speculation in the stock market hit new lows with volatile levels and long standing companies could not maintain their markets with the advent of new tariffs on imported goods. The oil glut collapsed the energy and commodities markets, sending investments out of the country and leading to a collapse of the dollar.

Trump's brief tenure as President placed our country into an economic hole that nobody has been able to dig out of since that time. Our status as a second rate economic power behind Russia, China, and India has forced us to lower GDP projections below 1% into the foreseeable future - even now.

The cultural divide has also never recovered. The southern states saw a migration of minority populations to the north and west, leaving the south with a smaller white population that has had a seriously damaging inflationary economy that has left them dependent on outside markets that they cannot afford and cannot compete with. The Western states began their higher economic status shortly after Trump was forced from office and have been largely unwilling to cooperate with the US governments that followed - and have been essentially partitoned from the rest of the US.

Teacher: So, children, I know this part of the historical record is somewhat hard to decipher, but it does give us an excellent example of the cause and effect of our democratic elections.

Tomorrow, we will talk about the time when the United Nations moved their headquarters to Tunisia.
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