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MN Legislative GOP Trying To Kill Off Transit

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 03/22/17 09:12, Edited: 03/22/17 09:12

by Dave Mindeman

The Minnesota Legislative Republicans seem to be all in on the Metro - Greater MN divide. They have fired a mortar shell into the heart of our transit system by sending a letter to the current administration to withdraw the Federal funds pending for Southwest Light Rail.

Daudt's fear of trains raises its ugly head again.

Funny, this doesn't have anything to do with the State budget. It doesn't save any state money - we are already invested. All this does is kill a project that has taken years to set up.

I guess it doesn't matter that former Republican minority leader David Hann lost his job over opposition to SWLRT. It doesn't matter that the metro area is essentially paying for the project. It doesn't matter that at some point in the future we are going to have revisit all of this (if the project is cancelled).

None of that seems to matter because Minnesota Republicans hate trains.

This action, if successful, will hurt the Minnesota economy. Not only will it kill the construction jobs that go along with a project of this magnitude, but it will kill the development that has been lining up along the corridor. It will stop the ability of workers from other areas to help fill needed jobs for business. It will continue the traffic congestion that road construction cannot keep up with.

Minnesota Republicans are lousy stewards of state progress - and it is time we face the fact that they need to be thrown out of state government.

If Daudt thinks he can run for governor on pissing off the central population center of the state, then he is more than welcome to try.

I, for one, am tired of these constant costly battles and delays. SWLRT has been a costly project, but if it dies now and we waste our investments, only to have to come back and try again at twice the cost, then it is on the Minnesota GOP.

Daudt is bad at his job. He would be worse at being governor.
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Shameless Kurt Daudt Tries To Use Pay As Political Fodder

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 03/15/17 12:40

by Dave Mindeman

When the MN Constitutional amendment on legislative pay raises passed overwhelmingly in the last cycle, I thought...finally, we can take politics out of the pay raise issue and GET IT DONE.

But, of course, I underestimated Kurt Daudt's need to politicize everything.

"Think about if this is binding on us, it means I have to give, or we have to give legislators a pay increase when we can't give that same kind of pay increase to school kids or senior citizens, the disability community, you pick your interest group that is frankly deserving of some increase," Daudt said. "That's the tough position it puts us in."

Oh wow. Suddenly, Kurt Daudt is "concerned" about school kids, disabilities, and seniors. Wow.

Daudt is trying to drum up controversy where there is none. Yes, the commission decided upon a 14% raise over current levels. BUT THAT IS AFTER 20 YEARS OF NO PAY RAISES!

Even though I'm not sure Daudt deserves this pay raise...there are many hard working legislators who really do. This state asks them to disrupt their lives during legislative sessions and then assume they can just drop back into their regular work life. That doesn't happen and many of them simply have to quit the legislature to take care of their families.

We lose good, intelligent people. We have trouble recruiting other good, intelligent people to seek those offices. And in another way, the low pay makes our legislators particularly vulnerable to the temptations of corruption.

76% of Minnesotans voted for this amendment....2.2 million citizens. Even if you buy Daudt's ridiculous argument that people got confused by the "language" of the amendment, it is kind of hard to believe that 2 million of us can't figure it out.

And yet, Kurt Daudt wants to defy that mandate and use this as another political tool for getting his name in the news...so he can run for governor in 2018.


Minnesota voted to take this issue out of political hands and let a citizen panel make the decisions on a proper salary for the legislature. Legislators work for the people of Minnesota..so it only seems right that the people decide what they get paid.

Now...Kurt Daudt...please shut the hell up.
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AHCA Is Not A Repeal - It's An Invasive Parasite

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 03/14/17 16:40

by Dave Mindeman

There is something missing in the explanation of this GOP health care bill. It leaves out one important aspect.

This bill DOES NOT repeal the ACA (Obamacare).

I know the Trumpers won't accept this, but the procedure of reconciliation will not allow a full repeal of the bill without bringing cloture (60 Senate votes) into the equation. The Ryan/Trump/GOP health care bill can only affect the monetary aspects of the ACA and therefore cannot repeal it.

In addition, they had to make sure that the bill did not affect the deficit, because that again would affect the reconciliation process.

So what we get is an ugly bill that is essentially an amendment to the ACA.

It takes away most of the funding mechanisms and in order to not affect the deficit has to take millions of people off of Medicaid.

Hey, Trumpers. Did you vote for that?

So, if they pass this bill (by some miracle) and make it law, we are going to have a monstrous hybrid health care mechanism that will be unworkable and will solve zero problems. It will make everything worse - but hey, the rich get a massive tax break, so it's all good.

Ryan is telling us that this is only phase 1 of the changes and that when we get to phase 2 and 3, we will understand the true benefits.

Except, phase 2 and 3 will need 60 votes in the Senate. Do you really think that the Democrats are going to bail the Republicans out on this? After 6 years of obstruction and attacks on the original bill?


So, let's keep all that in mind as we hear the spin doctors promoting this parasite bill.
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