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Trump Needs To "Drain that Swamp" Of His Own

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 11/06/16 14:37

by Dave Mindeman

Trump's entire argument against Hillary Clinton is "corruption". But there are a couple of problems with that.

First of all, despite all of the Alt-Right attempts to do so, none of these "investigations" have turned up any criminal wrongdoing. All of the claims, all of the innuendos, all of the books written...nothing, absolutely nothing has led to any criminal charge, much less any conviction.

The E-mails are just the new Alt-Right version of the birther controversy. With no hard evidence, they simply keep it alive on social media and with blatant lies on their echo chamber websites.

And if you are going to "drain the swamp" as Trump's new battle cry seems to be, then it would seem that Republican control of the "swamp" Congress in Washington should be thrown out.

And more swamp. What about Chris Christie (head of transition team) where evidence is much stronger of actual corruption in bridgegate. Or Rudy Giuliani publicly stating leaks from the FBI and the Russians.

Speaking of Russia, what about that "swamp". Trump is either a dupe or a conspirator on Russian interference in our election. Roger Stone seems to have a direct line. Russian propaganda sites are quoted in the campaign.

And what about the "swamp" of voter suppression. Polling places for early voting in the south disappear. Voting days are eliminated. Times are changed to be inconvenient. Voter ID laws are taking their toll as planned.

Yeah, let's "drain the swamp"....the swamp that led to the Republican Party nominating a swamp dweller who discriminates against minorities, belittles our military campaigns, has a joke of an economic plan, has a vendetta against anybody who criticizes him, and has never had the temperament to be President of the United States.

Yeah, THAT swamp.

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The Latino Voter Wall

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 11/05/16 02:44

by Dave Mindeman

Here is some data that might be relevant in early voting:

1. FLORIDA: At this point in 2008, 260,263 Latino voters, or 9.6% of the electorate, voted early. So far in 2016, that number has grown to 596,146, or 14.1% of all early ballots cast.

2. GEORGIA: At this point in 2012, 12,933 Latinos, or 0.9% of early voters, cast early ballots. In 2016, that number has increased to more than double at 31,623 people, or 1.7% of all voters who cast their ballot early. The Hispanic electorate in Georgia isn't large, but Hispanic early turnout has increased by 144% from 2012.

3. NORTH CAROLINA: At this point in 2012, 21,474 Latinos voted early -- about 1.2% of the electorate. So far this year, 37,591 Latinos have voted, a slight increase to 1.8% of early voters. The Latino vote in North Carolina has a relatively small influence in the state, but has increased in voter turnout this year nonetheless. Early voting among Hispanics has increased 75% so far from 2012.

4. NEVADA: Jon Ralston, the savviest political analyst in Nevada, used the term "firewall" to describe the early vote margin Democrats seem to be running up in that state. As of Friday morning, he figured Democrats had banked a 37,000-vote margin. "So he can win Nevada," Ralston wrote Friday morning. "But Trump would need base numbers and indie numbers that seem unlikely right now."

UPDATE: Friday Night - 57,000 voted as of 10 PM. Now we wait for the tallies... Dems could match 71K edge at end of 2012 early voting after this turnout tonight.

5. TEXAS: Through Wednesday, with two more days of early voting left, Latino turnout in the state's 20 most-populous counties had already exceeded Latino early voting turnout in 2012 by 26 percent, according to data compiled by Derek Ryan, a political consultant and former research director of the Republican Party of Texas. The impact of the Hispanic vote on the election is also on the rise. Voters with Spanish surnames made up 18.8 percent of the 3.8 million ballots cast through Wednesday in those 20 counties, a 20.1-percent increase over their share of the electorate in 2012.

6. ARIZONA: Arizona has seen the largest increase of early voting by Latinos of any state. As of Oct. 30, nine days before the Nov. 8 election, 13 percent of the early ballots cast in Arizona came from Latino voters, up from 11 percent at the same point prior to the 2012 presidential election. There are 3.5 million registered voters in the state, which means more than a third voted early.

Trump may have built that wall after all.

A big Latino voter wall.
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The Abedin E-Mails Appearance On Weiner's Laptop Is Puzzling

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 10/31/16 00:51

by Dave Mindeman

There is something that really bothers me about this latest e-mail revelation. And it all kind of revolves around Anthony Weiner. Here are the relevant points we know so far:

1) The laptop in question actually belongs to Anthony Weiner.

2) Huma Abedin professes that she did not use this laptop very much.

3) Yet, there are claims of over 600,000 e-mails on it, of hers.

4) Huma claims that when she turned over her electronic devices, her lawyers didn't think a shared laptop with her husband would have anything relevant - although they did not look.

5) She says she tended to work on whatever convenient device was available to her at the time she was working, but did not move any e-mails involved, into any organized folders; and did not delete them.

6) Huma Abedin has a security clearance.

7) There is a strong likelihood that the majority of these e-mails have already appeared in the recovered e-mails from the ongoing investigation.

8) Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin are in the process of getting a divorce.

Now, here is what puzzles me. The discovery of these e-mails happened during the FBI investigation of Anthony Weiner's sexting scandal. He is apparently in full cooperation with the FBI. This laptop was seized during this investigation.

It is Weiner's laptop. He has had it in his possession most of the time up until the FBI confiscated it. Weiner and Abedin are going to be getting into a potential messy divorce. People headed to divorce do some pretty strange things - depending on how angry and vengeful they can get.

How did this all come about? Well, you could speculate about a lot of things.....right, Anthony?
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