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Is Scott Honour Really The Big Money Guy?

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 02/03/14 02:03, Edited: 02/03/14 02:04

by Dave Mindeman

I want you to take a look at something. Here is the 2014 GOP governor candidates and their end of year cash on hand from the year end reports:

Jeff Johnson.......$168,875
Marty Seifert......$138,474
Kurt Zellers........$115,864
Dave Thompson...$50,283
Scott Honour.......$14,251

Now don't you think the Honour figure is an interesting thing to take note of?

Honour raised a total of $596,680 during 2013. And he blew through nearly all of it by year end. And this sum includes a $101,000 loan that he made to the campaign.

Here are some of his expenses....

PCS Consulting.....................$105,000
Push Digital Consulting............$54,329
Shana Woodbury Consulting.....$95,608

PCS Consulting is run by President Pat Shortridge....who also just happens to be Scott Honour's campaign manager. Push Digital is a media consultant and worked on website and social media. Shana Woodbury is a professional fundraiser. Yes, she helped raise a lot of money but nearly $100,000 to raise about $500,000 (not including the loan)? Kind of a tough ratio don't you think?

That's a quarter million dollars for consultants?

Valentina Weis (formerly worked on the Romney Campaign) and is listed as deputy campaign manager...she was paid $32,617 in salary and expenses....started in May....so basically for half a year.

Clark Hill LLC (a Washington law firm) was paid $34,424 on legal retainer from April 30th to October 31st. What was that about?

And two Los Angeles "events" involving Thomas Lesinski, Catering and Steven Petrarca Events cost $19,798. Two events!

Scott Honour is essentially an unknown to Minnesota voters and after spending over a half million dollars...... he is still unknown to Minnesota voters.

As you look at those cash on hand totals heading into 2014, does Scott Honour look like the money juggernaut he pretends to be?

How would you like that guy running the state budget?

Note: The impressive thing about those money totals is the Marty Seifert one. Late start but deep financial support.
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Sen. Dave Thompson: Out Of Money and Out Of Chips

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 01/30/14 15:04, Edited: 01/30/14 15:12

by Dave Mindeman

Today Senator Dave Thompson of Lakeville announced his Lt. Governor choice for the 2014 Governor's race - Senator Michelle Benson.

First impression? Thompson is in desperation mode.

It doesn't have anything to do with Benson. She's a conservative choice. Keeps with his goals, she gender balances, and she is a Senator, so she has nothing to lose by the extra profile.

But Senator Thompson has cashed in all of his chips.

Normally, you wait until just prior to the state convention to bring in your choice for Lt. Governor. It gets you a brief media scrum and you can use it for geographic targeting.

But using that card prior to caucuses says more about your campaign problems than the choice itself.

Thompson has disappointed in his fundraising and he hasn't made the big splash on the conservative circuit either. Jeff Johnson and his insider popularity have stolen some of the thunder....and Marty Seifert has swept up legislative support. Thompson has no niche and no cards.

Thompson is going to probably be the first casualty of the race. Oh well, he can still make trouble in the State Senate.
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