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Rep. Garofalo: "Get Your Legislator Drunk Night"

Category: Pat Garofalo
Posted: 08/02/11 15:36

by Dave Mindeman

One of my favorite legislative targets is at it again. He posted this on Twitter (8/2):

PatGarofaloRep. Pat Garofalo (on Twitter)
Farmington has evil tradition of turning National Nite Out into "Get Your Legislator Drunk Nite". As usual someone else will drive me tonite.

National Night Out is not a joke or a means to "get your legislator drunk". National Night Out is a serious effort to prevent crime. They define their efforts this way:

NATIONAL NIGHT OUT is designed to:
?Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;
?Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs;
?Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships; and
?Send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

I have my doubts that they encourage overindulgent drinking.

But then I guess Rep. Garofalo has his own ideas on NNO. Apparently getting out with the neighbors involves more than a few beers. Let's all be thankful that he is apparently using a designated driver.

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Rep. Garofalo on Education: Not the Math, It's The Language

Category: Pat Garofalo
Posted: 06/07/11 22:35

by Dave Mindeman

Rep. Pat Garofalo went into a tizzy yesterday because of language. That's budget language, by the way, which is a subset of English.

This one revolved around "compensatory revenue"....something few people outside of education budgeting understand, but the basics of it were outlined in "Hot Dish Politics":

In his letter vetoing the Republican K-12 budget, Dayton criticized the bill?s ?freezing of compensatory revenue.? The state doles out that money, sometimes more than $400 million a year, based on the number of poor students in each school district.

What got Garofalo in a dither was the word "freezing". It was an idea that Garofalo had considered previously... but the conference report did not include it. So the "freezing" part was gone....or was it?

During some exchanges between Garofalo and Dayton's education department, we learn more about how "compensatory revenue" would be treated in this bill if passes as is:

What Republicans did instead was separate the compensatory revenue from the basic per-pupil formula allowance. That means future Legislatures will have to specifically increase the compensatory revenue formula, rather than just boosting the basic formula.

So, essentially, it IS frozen...unless legislatively acted upon specifically.

When it comes to revenue in education, it isn't just compensatory revenue that runs into the Republican treatment. It is also "integration funding". Funding that is supposed to be working toward minority education improvements.

The Minneapolis school district predicts what will happen with "integration" cuts and other targeted cuts for urban centers, as proposed:

We have worked diligently to build a system of sustainable financial management. Cuts of this magnitude fly in the face of our efforts on behalf of our students, families and Minneapolis residents.

All of the following would be at risk:
? Elimination of school choice; funding supports integration of our schools through the school choice system
? Elimination or drastic reduction of all-day kindergarten
? School start times may be impacted due to possible need for a tiered bus route system
? Classes sizes would increase due to a reduction in staffing
? Fewer resources for supplemental academic support, prevention and behavioral support services and counseling support

All of that because Rep. Garofalo thinks urban schools "waste" integration funding. Yet, to pretend he is holding "schools" harmless, most of the funding itself isn't actually cut from the overall budget -- just redistributed under a new name and probably to places that still need it, but not as much as the urban centers do.

I don't understand budget speak all that well, but overall numbers in the education budget between Dayton and the Legislature are not that far apart in the math....it's just the application that is oh so wrong.
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My Personal Take On Rep. Pat Garofalo

Category: Pat Garofalo
Posted: 05/09/11 19:06, Edited: 05/09/11 19:08

by Dave Mindeman

I don't know what's going to happen at the close of this session, but I do know that things would go a lot smoother if Rep. Pat Garofalo was not the education committee chair. Garofalo is not a legislator, he's a schoolyard bully. He is arrogant, he is uncompromising, he denigrates people and he is convinced that only he has the answers.

This guy is a sham, a disgrace, and an obstructionist. He represents no one but himself and he doesn't care what happens to this state. He pats himself on the back when he doesn't insult someone when he feels he should have, and fancies himself as some sort of diplomatic wonder boy.

As he seeks to dismantle the Minnesota miracle, he blames educational problems, not on his own party's lack of educational funding, but on the teachers of this state.

Sorry if I seem a little over the top here, but I am tired of watching his antics. What started this opinion was this tirade on the House floor last year....

And then there is blurb during the redisticting debate. This is absolutely disrespectful and arrogant. It wasn't that long ago that Rep. Garofalo was part of a minority in the House. But apparently he thinks he will be "king" of the crap pile forever, and I wouldn't blame the other legislators from piling on if they get the chance. Watch his demeanor here:

I have a tough time even watching this "gentleman" and I use that term loosely, but the sooner that gavel is taken away from him, the better.
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