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AFL-CIO President Has Two Words For Walker -THANK YOU!

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 03/10/11 17:17, Edited: 03/10/11 17:18

by Dave Mindeman

AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka has two words for Scott Walker:

"Thank You.?

Governor Walker has managed to do something that has escaped Democrats for years....he has galvanized the cause. I have been following Greg Sargent's blog (The Plum Line) in the Washington Post, and I think his analysis of the situation sums it up the best:

What's amazing about this latest turn of events is that Walker could have reached a deal with unions and very plausibly declared victory. He could have rightly argued that his tough stance on bargaining rights forced major fiscal concessions. Instead, he dug in, and now Republicans blindly following him have pulled a stunt that will only exacerbate grassroots anger in Wisconsin and leave national unions and liberal groups no alternative but to pour everything they have into recall drives. National Republicans can't be happy about this overreach: It has galvanized the labor movement, allowed it to restate its case to the public, given Obama an easy way to mend fences with unions, and complicated GOP outreach to blue collar whites in key swing states and districts heading into 2012.

I have never been more optimistic about a Democratic comeback in 2012 then I am now. Remember that the Republican takeover in 2010 was based on a low 52% turnout. And although Presidential years always have higher turnouts, my worry had been that there wouldn't be a compelling reason for the record turnouts needed to shift it all back.

Well, we found the compelling reason: Thank You Scott Walker.
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Two WI GOP Senators in Recall Trouble - Keep Up the Pressure

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 03/10/11 16:29

by Dave Mindeman

I've been trying to monitor some of the things going on in response to the Wisconsin happenings. As you know there are a number of recall petitions going on regarding those GOP Senators that rammed that bill through.

Found this from Daily Kos/Move On:

I've got an advance look at some new polling by Survey USA that finds solid majorities in two GOP senate districts support the recall of their senators.....When asked if they would vote for Hopper or something else if a recall election were held right now, 54 percent said they'd vote for someone else, versus only 43 percent they'd vote for Hopper.

In Kapanke's district, the numbers were even worse: 57 percent said they'd vote for someone else, versus only 41 percent who said they'd vote for Kapanke.

These recalls have been stepped up in intensity and they are possible. Too bad they can't go after more Senators.

In the Wisconsin Constitution only half the Senate if up for election each election cycle. And recalls can only take place if the elected legislator has been in office more than one year.

Too many of the Republicans were elected in 2010 and thus cannot be recalled.....yet.

Another one of many reasons that the Republicans are trying to push these polcies through as fast as possible.

A number of groups are asking for contributions to push these efforts. MoveOn has gotten about $750,000. Democracy for America has about $300,000. Nearly every ACT BLUE request is meeting their goals on this issue.

Keep it up, people. This is OUR cause.
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WI Unions Have the Integrity - Walker Just Lies

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 03/10/11 13:32

by Dave Mindeman

Governor Scott Walker can't speak without lying. This is his explanation of yesterday's vote:

"We followed the law, and yet it allows us to move forward with these reforms -- which are indeed fiscal," said Walker. "They're not in conflict with that requirement for a quorum, but they are indeed fiscal. They give a fiscal benefit to the state, for the remainder of the year it'll allow us to save 30m, which allows us to save 1500 jobs, and for the next two years thereafter in the next budget it gives us the equivalent of $300 million worth of savings, which allows us to save 5-6,000 jobs."

Fiscal? Fiscal would be about the budget and money. Budget bills need a quorum. So is it fiscal or is it not?

We know what it is. It is about union busting. Plain and simple.

All of that so-called "savings" he says this bill would give Wisconsin would have happened anyway....without the bill. The unions were willing to negotiate to those terms. And the key is...negotiate.

To show you the integrity of the union people in Wisconsin, the teacher's union asked its people to work today. At this emotional moment, when tensions are at their peak, these people went to work and did their jobs.

Even though they have been violated. Even though the respect they deserve has been diminished.

We know which side has the integrity here. We know.
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