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Protect And Defend?

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 05/11/17 22:41

by Dave Mindeman

I continue to be amazed at the Republican inability to recognize or act upon a clear threat to American democracy.

Maybe President Trump's actions are all coincidental. Maybe Russian influence is vastly overstated. But I doubt it...and I think any reasonable person should have those same doubts.

At the very least, there should be a curiousity about the truth. To know what is happening. To understand why these sinister coincidences exist.

But the Republican Party is essentially covering their eyes and ears and making loud noises so that none of this gets through. It is an unpardonable reaction.

All of these elected officials took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies...foreign and DOMESTIC. They have violated that oath. This is not a game. This is not politics. This is not about the next election. This is about protecting American democracy.

Republicans have always told us that it is about the country. John McCain's slogan was Country First. Sarah Palin used to criticize the behavior going on now as "un-American". The flag was to be protected and revered. It was America that was exceptional.

Where are those Republicans now? Where are they? Did they ever really exist? Was it all some political front to fool us into thinking they meant any of it?

Donald Trump is not only dangerous, he is incompetent. He praises strong, authoritarian leaders...and calls his opponents soft and weak. Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. He is a threat to the free world.

And yet, the Republican Party stands timidly in the corner, hoping it will all just right itself, so they can keep the power.

We have a government that sends mixed signals to our friends and enemies. A government that has few competent people in established positions. Few even nominated. We have a President acting in a petty, foolish manner not even worthy of a playground.

And still we have no Republican statesmanship that will at least examine the problem.

When Republicans are in charge....we all lose.

S.E. Cupp: "I Don't Have Amnesia As A Republican"

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 04/25/17 12:58

by Dave Mindeman

On Bill Maher's show last week, there was an insightful discussion about how Republicans are more "tribal" than Democrats.

Tribal, in this context, means that their viewpoint is determined by the source. If a Republican says it, they agree. If a Democrat says it, they disagree.

A Pew research poll comparison between similar questions during the Obama administration and the Trump administration was enlightening.

On his show, Maher pointed this out:

Bill Maher pointed out that even though the economy has not changed in any meaningful way under Trump, Republicans magically believe it is doing much better. When Obama wanted to bomb Syria, only 22% of Republicans approved. Now 88% approve of Trump bombing Syria. The income tax has not changed under Trump. Yet, Republicans went from it being 39% fair to 56% fair. Democrats answers remained statistically the same. "They are more tribal," Bill Maher said of Republicans. "I am sorry. And they are less concerned with observable reality. That seems like, there are facts in there that say that."

On the Maher panels, there is usually at least one conservative present. On this show, CNN analyst S.E. Cupp was involved, and she had to agree with the data Maher was talking about.

You can listen to the exchange at this site...excuse the sound quality because I think they took a recording off of the TV.

Cupp summed it up this way...

"But the hypocrisy on the Right has been incredibly disturbing and obvious. I don't have amnesia as a Republican."

I wish more Republicans would self-examine that way.

Mitch McConnell Is Going To Disrespect The Institution

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 04/04/17 09:50

by Dave Mindeman

Mitch McConnell's smug face has graced the talk shows giving his argument for placing Neal Gorsuch on the bench. He has gone from the "Biden rule" (which delayed a nominee with the argument that it was too close to a presidential election - but that nominee got confirmed anyway) to the "of course Neal Gorsuch is eminently qualified" to a general "it's the Democrats fault" in all things.

All of those arguments gloss over the central fact that McConnell chose to delay for over a year, the nomination of Merrick Garland as President Obama's choice for the Supreme Court.

Garland never got a hearing, he never got a vote, he never even got to meet with more than a few Democratic Senators. Merrick Garland was completely sabotaged as a candidate for pure partisan purposes.

Garland has every qualification that Gorsuch has - and he was a more bipartisan choice. Orrin Hatch praised his qualifications publicly. But all of that was foiled by a political action of Mitch McConnell.

Every single argument and rationale that Mitch McConnell makes about the nomination of Neal Gorsuch can never, ever get past the Merrick Garland travesty.

To me, it compares to a school bully browbeating a classmate to the point that he has to leave school - and then the bully gets elected to President of the student council.

You do not forget that kind of wrong. You do not gloss over that kind of judgment.

It does not matter how qualified Neal Gorsuch is for the Supreme Court. Because he CANNOT BE PLACED IN A STOLEN SEAT.

When Mitch McConnell invokes the "nuclear option" this week, and changes the advise and consent Senate rules on Supreme Court nominees forever, he will be doing this for all the wrong reasons. The 60 vote rule was established to make sure that the President would nominate someone for the court who was acceptable to both parties and could be a consensus choice. It had a noble purpose. But McConnell is anything but noble.

McConnell talks with pride of his "respect" for the institution of the Senate. How much he respects Senate rules and Senate decorum. Well, Mitch McConnell is taking his place in the annals of Senate history as the most blatantly partisan leader every given that authority.

He has changed the Senate and left his mark - and not for the better.
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