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Why Do Rural Voters Vote Republican?

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/19/17 21:45

by Dave Mindeman

Open Letter to Rural America:

Listen, those of you who live away from the hustling city life...away from the traffic jams and the big malls...those who can still hear the birds and the rustling of the wind. I hope you are paying attention because you have a lot at stake in this political uncertainty.

Donald Trump promised to bring jobs and prosperity - but who will benefit? If you are supposing that it should be you, consider this. Although Trump's ideas on trade might help the old manufacturing establishment, it is going to hurt farmers. It will hurt agriculture.

Relations with Mexico are being strained and that is a problem because Mexico is a big part of the farm export market. There has even been talk within the Mexican government of moving trade to China or Brazil. And the potential of another market in Cuba is also stalled as the Trump administration tries to find a path.

Trump's nominee for Ag Secretary is Sonny Perdue - a former Georgia governor who, more than likely, will lean toward southern textile industry rather than grain farmers in the Midwest. And, incidently, Perdue's Ag position seems to be one of the last cabinet posts to get any attention.

So, a lot of that looks a little troubling for Minnesota. But state government isn't helping much. We have 3 Republican Congressman who might be able to get Trump's ear - but Lewis has little time for agriculture...all he does is talk about taxes. Erik Paulsen is the stooge of corporations, especially the Medical device industry...only Tom Emmer seems to have any interest in Minnesota agriculture.

And then there is the GOP legislature. The Republican House and Senate invested a lot of time and money into convincing outstate Minnesota that the Republicans are the ones doing things for them and who can do more in the future.

But the evidence says NO on that one. The Republicans have always had minimal requests for broadband expansion into the rural areas. The Governor and Democrats have always proposed 10 times the investment. And rural communities depend on LGA funding for the local governments. But the MN GOP has been cutting that nearly every year.

Republicans have demanded slashing the Minnesota health care system but with little regard as to how dependent rural hospitals are on the ACA and its expanded coverages. Or on the need for incentives to get medical students into rural facilities.

Rural areas voted overwhelmingly for Trump and for Republican legislators. But when you look at the real life facts and data....

you have to ask....WHY?
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Do Your Job

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/14/17 12:51

by Dave Mindeman

The silence is deafening.

With the Michael Flynn resignation, questions upon questions come to the surface and cry out for answers. Yet, with the Republicans controlling the reins of power, their lack of curiousity is troubling.

For over a year and a half, the House Investigations Committee with Chair Jacob Chaffetz scrutinized to the minutest detail, everything about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. No stone was left unturned. It hurt her campaign and hurt her credibility. Yet, they found nothing.

But, in the case of Flynn, we have had troubles brewing below the surface indicating that he was compromised long ago. He has had unpublicized Russian contacts that were looked into even prior to the election. The Justice Department, the FBI, and most of the intelligence apparatus were aware of the possibility, prior to the election, during the transition, and now openly stating it. Why they didn't give public statements on that, while insisting on broadcasting every move in the HRC investigation is still a very disturbing mystery.

But even with all of these revelations, the GOP Congress refuses to act. They have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and these United States....and here, we have a real national security threat that they choose to ignore.

You can't take partisanship into this realm. This is beyond Republican and Democrat. It is about our country. I guess the idea of America First doesn't apply if it is about a potential Republican embarrassment.

In the 1973-74 Watergate investigation, it was a Republican Senator, Howard Baker, who led the charge and asked the hard questions. To him, it wasn't about what was best for his Party - it was about the country.

That is the real America First attitude that we need right now. We do not know how far this reaches and what may have already been compromised by this White House and its web of deceit and chaotic function. But we can find out. We can ask the questions. We can have a government that actually does look out for the interest of the people and not some partisan protectionism.

Come on Congress -DO YOUR JOB!
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Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 01/13/17 05:04, Edited: 01/13/17 05:04

by Dave Mindeman

Just for an example of why Republican oversight is a joke, here are two headlines for today:

Key Senate committee won't probe possible Trump-Russia collusion.

Also today....

Chaffetz threatens to subpoena federal ethics watchdog over Trump criticism.

Don't think too hard - which would you think should be an actual topic for an investigation?

The Congressional Republicans need to figure out what they stand for.
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