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About Family Leave in the Minnesota Legislature

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 05/24/17 17:07

by Roxanne Mindeman

Oh, I can hardly wait for the Republicans in the Minnesota House to start banging the drum about how they sent Family Leave to Governor Dayton - but he vetoed it. Word is getting out to anyone paying attention that Family Leave was passed by the House attached to the Preemption bill that Governor Dayton told us long ago he would veto. And he should.

But let's talk straight about that claimed Republican support for Family Leave. The method and magnitude of the Republican lie about Family Leave was on full display at a recent town hall meeting in SD57 (Apple Valley, Rosemount, Lakeville and Coates). Democratic Senator Greg Clausen, ever the tireless teacher and education advocate, talked about how well documented it is that family leave simply gives kids a better and stronger start that pays dividends down the road. Democratic Representative Erin Maye Quade always the egalitarian, discussed how children in working class and poor families, are entitled to the same advantageous start as children in wealthy families. Republican Representative Anna Wills, a 100% reliable party line vote on virtually every issue, explained that although she personally was in the 10th week of a paid maternity leave, she just couldn't support Family Leave for other families. It's just too costly for businesses.

Speaks for itself, doesn't it.
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Summing Up The Special Session

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 05/24/17 16:54

by Dave Mindeman

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What The MNGOP Is Doing At Legislature Is Just Plain Bad

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 05/24/17 15:55

by Dave Mindeman

The legislative process has become a tortured, incremental, lethargic strain. This special session has opened up the true flaws on how the state does its business.

And the problems lie clearly at the feet of the GOP House Republicans.

Whenever they have a seat at the table, they upend that table. Today, after missing yet another deadline, they are trying to pin the blame on the legislative Democrats.

Democrats, who are in the minority in both Houses. Democrats who do not have a say in writing these last minute bills. Who have to sit on their hands waiting to read these bills. Who find their priorities melded with GOP policy provisions. And who have no say on when this special session travesty ends. That is where they are placing blame. Ridiculous.

The GOP has the gall and audacity to shirk their own culpability and try to convince us that they are "innocent" victims of the DFL. It is truly pathetic.

The ridiculous notion of the pre-emption bill appearing with a family leave act is, quite frankly, insulting. They did it intentionally. They did it to challenge the governor. They did it to kill a Democratic priority. It has no relevance to a spirit of compromise, it is pure ego and insult.

And the instigator in chief is Kurt Daudt. He is clearly working to please the Republican primary base. He is intent on making it look like he is a victim of the DFL...which makes it his paramount objective to be combative and uncooperative. This is a man whose ambition has won out over service.

This state government has become a victim of the Republican divisive political manifesto. They listen to ALEC. They listen to the Tea Party. They listen to the Trumpers. This is a minority of state voters but the influential groups in Republican party politics.

So, we, the citizens of Minnesota are the losers. The poor are the losers. The children and their education are the losers. The nursing homes and elder care are the losers. Labor is among the losers.

This has to stop. The Republican Party in Minnesota has ceased to be a party of Minnesotans. It is an anti party. A party that cannot compromise. A party that dismisses the needs of many of the vulnerable.

The Republican Party needs to be given a lesson in humility at the 2018 ballot box. It is essential for good governance, because what we have going on right now is just plain bad.
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