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Exempt Small Business: - Game - Set - Match, Dayton!

Category: Mark Dayton
Posted: 05/27/11 13:48, Edited: 05/27/11 16:45

by Dave Mindeman

If there are still reasonable people in the Republican Party and if the GOP is being accurate in their rhetoric, then Governor Dayton has an idea which should be a solution to the budget impasse.

During a news conference at the St. Paul Downtown Airport, the DFL governor casually mentioned that he would consider exempting small businesses from his proposed new tax.

As I have mentioned on this blog previously, the GOP insistence that the Governor's tax on the wealthy would stymie the "job creators", is grossly overstated.

If Dayton were to exempt small business in his tax proposal, I believe that there would probably need to be an adjustment of about $100 to $150 million (approximately) in revenue. (Racino anyone?)

Note: This figure is based on the fact that less than 10% of small business uses pass through income that is subject to the proposed higher income tax bracket. The figure could be larger if some of the larger businesses are using pass through (which I doubt) or it could be even smaller since no figures have been put forward since Dayton's last compromise.

Pass through business income would now be exempt. The GOP no longer has any valid argument.

Game - Set - Match, Dayton.

Note: Dayton is not offering this officially. Only that he would listen to it, if proposed by the GOP. It is in their court.
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Pawlenty Tortuously Drinks the Ryan Kool-Aid

Category: Tim Pawlenty
Posted: 05/26/11 17:06

by Dave Mindeman

Pawlenty finally, in the end, drinks the Ryan Kool-Aid...although he tried to swish it around a little....

First of all, I applaud Congressman Ryan for his courage and his leadership in putting his plan forward. At least he has a plan. President Obama doesn't have a plan. The Democrats don't have a plan. And I really applaud his leadership and his courage in putting a plan on the table. Number two, we will have our own plan; it will have many similarities to Congressman Ryan's plan, but it will have some differences, one of which will be we'll address Social Security. He chose not to; we are addressing Social Security. And the Medicare part of our plan will have some differences, too. It will have some similarities also. So we'll have our own plan. But if I can't have my own plan ? as president, I'll have my own plan [but] if I can't have that, and the bill came to my desk and I had to choose between signing or not Congressman Ryan's plan, of course I would sign it.

As an officially announced Presidential candidate, he almost had to take a position on this. But in the usual Pawlenty style, he tried to find language that would let him have it both ways. Notice the tortuous language in the quote.

I suspect that as Ryan's proposal becomes a political liability, Pawlenty will push his own watered down proposal out there as cover.

Pawlenty is probably going to have trouble promoting himself as the "truth" candiate. It is hard for a Republican to follow that path because distortion and fabrication are the best part of their game.

Of course, with Pawlenty, the question is always, "What Is Truth?"

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The Extreme Freshman Legislators

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 05/26/11 11:05

by Dave Mindeman

Governor Dayton called the freshman GOP legislators "extreme" and some of the freshman Senators took exception and fired back. One of them said this:

"I'm a father and a husband," (Sen. Roger) Chamberlain said. "I till my own garden. I pull my own weeds. My truck is 10 years old, and it needs new tires. I volunteer at the church. That is not extreme."

Sen. Chamberlain, with all respect, who you are and what you do, hasn't got much to do with this -- it is the agenda you are supporting. Extreme ideas don't paste identifying marks on their supporters. Extreme ideas don't follow exculsively any profession, hobby, or religion. An extreme idea can come from anywhere or anyone and when a group of legislators hold fast to the same idea, an extreme result will follow.

What we have here is a group of new legislators holding fast to a rigid ideology that has caused an impasse for state government. This impasse will cost the state money and inconvenience their constituents.

These legislators were elected to serve the state and not a "no tax" philosophy. They can argue their position, but in the end, a budget must happen.

And that budget won't happen as long as these freshman put their extreme position ahead of what's best for the state.
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