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Where Were You?

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/21/17 12:46

by Dave Mindeman

As Trump's new immigration policies sweep the nation, I can appreciate the anger and distress that has shown itself in demonstrations and public meetings.

But my question is this....Where were you?

This sense of urgency was not found prior to November 8th. This anger at Trump's ideas didn't seem to be manifesting itself. Where were you?

Was it a sense of complacency? Was it ideological purity? Was it just plain laziness? I don't know. During the last days of the campaign, my worry level kept increasing.

It is not like he didn't tell us what he was going to do. It's not like he hid any of it. We saw the bigotry and racism. We knew it was there. Yet, somehow, the sense of urgency never came.

Granted...I and a lot of others still never believed that he could actually be President. I'm still convinced that he didn't think so himself. But a person that said the things he did and the extreme ideas he espoused should have made us angry enough to at least vote...at least vote to defeat him directly.

But that did not happen.

I am encouraged by the flurry of activity that has happened since. Maybe it took something like this to awaken the collective progressive mind. But we are playing from a defensive position...and a weak one at that.

Heading toward 2018, we need to pocket our differences on the left. We need to stop thinking in terms of dominant "wings" of the Democratic Party.

This is an all hands on deck moment.

We let this happen and we sure as hell better get together to fix it.
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Trump Products - Mostly Manufactured Elsewhere

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/21/17 02:25

by Dave Mindeman

Trump is assuring all of those supporters out there that he is going to bring back their jobs. He, alone, can keep those manufacturing jobs in America.

Well, I know one way he can keep some of them. He can make his own stuff in America.

Checking on the origin of Trump products, I managed to find 4 items that are made here:

His brand of cologne
His Spring water
His MAGA hats
Bedding comforters

But look anywhere else and you get this:

Trump Home brand crystal and china - Slovenia
Trump Hotel pens - China and Taiwan
Hotel room toiletries and goods - All made in China
Trump picture frames - India
Trump Kitchen and Lighting items - India
Trump Vodka - The Netherlands
Trump Bobbleheads - China
Trump shirts - China; Bangladesh; Honduras; Vietnam
Trump suits - (some in USA) most in Indonesia
Trump Eyeglasses - China
Trump Furniture - Germany

It is amazing the number of products that Trump has stamped with his brand. But it is also amazing how many countries are involved in their manufacture.

He has the gall to stand on that podium and preach America First; and American jobs stay here.


He is a blowhard liar...who only thinks of his own profit.
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Why Do Rural Voters Vote Republican?

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/19/17 21:45

by Dave Mindeman

Open Letter to Rural America:

Listen, those of you who live away from the hustling city life...away from the traffic jams and the big malls...those who can still hear the birds and the rustling of the wind. I hope you are paying attention because you have a lot at stake in this political uncertainty.

Donald Trump promised to bring jobs and prosperity - but who will benefit? If you are supposing that it should be you, consider this. Although Trump's ideas on trade might help the old manufacturing establishment, it is going to hurt farmers. It will hurt agriculture.

Relations with Mexico are being strained and that is a problem because Mexico is a big part of the farm export market. There has even been talk within the Mexican government of moving trade to China or Brazil. And the potential of another market in Cuba is also stalled as the Trump administration tries to find a path.

Trump's nominee for Ag Secretary is Sonny Perdue - a former Georgia governor who, more than likely, will lean toward southern textile industry rather than grain farmers in the Midwest. And, incidently, Perdue's Ag position seems to be one of the last cabinet posts to get any attention.

So, a lot of that looks a little troubling for Minnesota. But state government isn't helping much. We have 3 Republican Congressman who might be able to get Trump's ear - but Lewis has little time for agriculture...all he does is talk about taxes. Erik Paulsen is the stooge of corporations, especially the Medical device industry...only Tom Emmer seems to have any interest in Minnesota agriculture.

And then there is the GOP legislature. The Republican House and Senate invested a lot of time and money into convincing outstate Minnesota that the Republicans are the ones doing things for them and who can do more in the future.

But the evidence says NO on that one. The Republicans have always had minimal requests for broadband expansion into the rural areas. The Governor and Democrats have always proposed 10 times the investment. And rural communities depend on LGA funding for the local governments. But the MN GOP has been cutting that nearly every year.

Republicans have demanded slashing the Minnesota health care system but with little regard as to how dependent rural hospitals are on the ACA and its expanded coverages. Or on the need for incentives to get medical students into rural facilities.

Rural areas voted overwhelmingly for Trump and for Republican legislators. But when you look at the real life facts and data....

you have to ask....WHY?
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