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Posted: 08/03/05 15:04

by PDW58

Ohio seems to be a state where extraordinary political things happen, both good and bad. Yesterday a special Congressional election was held to replace Republican Rob Portman, who was appointed trade representative by Bush. This is a heavy Republican district and very conservative. It was viewed by Republicans as the safest of seats. Enter, Paul Hackett. An Iraq war veteran and a fiery critic of Bush, Hackett let loose with a no holds barred campaign that Progressives have been begging for. In a district that had lop-sided Republican victories of 70% or more, Hackett got a stunning 48% of the vote. Although, Paul deserved to win, even a showing this close has major repercussions going into 2006.

Is it just me or do Bush and Cheney's dirty words and one-finger salutes seem a little un-Christian like? I guess fundamentalists are tolerant of filthy discourse but little else.

All this talk lately of troop pullouts smells of a "cutting our losses" strategy to me. I guess you can talk about "progress" on the ground while troops continue to die, only so long. I want those troops out of there as much as anyone, but this whole post-war strategy is so botched up, that Iraq will simply become another Iran when we leave, and then how will Bush explain the loss of 1800+ troops with an end result of another cog in his "axis of evil". An Iraq-Iran coalition would provide a fulcrum for terror that will spread across the Middle East and embolden the extremists to overthrow more governments. It looks bleak....

Today's court ruling in Minnesota will allow party endorsement for Judgeships. This opens up a whole new front for the right wingers. Now the term activist judge will be a "good thing". Watch for recruitment of conservative lawyers to challenge sitting judges. It is unfortunate that the next thing to go will be an independent judiciary. Checks and balances, out the window.

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Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 08/02/05 00:12

by Dave Mindeman

I have never been a fan of Gil Gutknecht but one thing is certain-- his votes reflect a true desire to represent his constituents. CAFTA is not in the best interest of Minnesota; ask a sugar beet farmer. Yet, when the vote comes down, Gutknecht stands alone against the Republican party bosses in Minnesota. John Kline and Mark Kennedy, again, follow their marching orders and even Jim Ramstad succumbs to the arm twisting. Only Rep. Gutknecht seems to understand that he represents Minnesotans and not Tom Delay's thugs. It may be easy for Rep. Kline and Rep. Kennedy to simply wait to be told how to vote on most House issues, but when Minnesota's economy is on the line, you would think that the term Representative would mean something. Gil Gutknecht deserves his title -- Kline and Kennedy need to revisit the definition.
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Washington & MN Wusses

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 08/01/05 22:05

by PDW58

So Norm Coleman thinks he needs to keep pushing the UN. Really now, Norm has the authority to launch a broad range of investigations in his committee. Isn't it odd that he can't seem to find anything to work on besides the UN? We had a leak that outed a CIA agent, but nobody did anything about that till the CIA issued its own referral. We have billions missing in Iraq. Tom Delay is getting kick backs from lobbyists. Guantanomo continues to be a black eye on American prestige. Yet, Norm keeps going back to Kofi Anann... in between votes for CAFTA and the Energy bill that is..

Anybody else getting sick of hearing the MN Republicans yammer about the Education budget increase and Health care maintenance, as if it was their idea all along???

Is there anybody in Congress more clueless than John Kline? He visits Guantanomo and proclaims it in great shape; he goes to Iraq and raves about the progress. He votes for CAFTA seemingly oblivious that he lives in Minnesota. What gives with that guy? Is there a more reliable "no think" vote out there?

Today Bush makes a recess appointment of Bolton. How arrogant is that?... Bolton is such an pathetic choice (for anything). Why appoint someone to be the ambassador to an organization that the appointee doesn't think should exist? That would be like appointing Rumsfeld chair of the Kucinich for President campaign.

Here is another lesson in stupid. We announced that 582 "alleged" gang members have been rounded up. The stupid thing is that it is Homeland Security head Chertoff making the announcement. The gangs represent "a threat to our homeland security", he says... They must be hurting for positive announcements in DHS. Now they get to announce Justice Dept items. Guess they want Chertoff to sound busy with Europe on pins and needles. What the hell are we accomplishing?

Hang in there!

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