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Kline Will Even Exploit an Apology

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/02/06 17:45, Edited: 02/02/06 18:09

by PDW58

You remember the first time Kline got elected by defeating Bill Luther in 2002? Remember the No New Taxes Party -- made up by a former Luther staffer to siphon votes from Republicans. Democrats understood the mistake made there... but I'm sure you also remember how Kline used that over and over and over again. He can't talk issues... he begs for distractions.

Well, here we go again. John Kline REFUSES to acknowledge the Rowley apology for the Klink website escapade. In Kline's words, this "insult" to his military service is an "outrageous breach of decency" -- and, (get this statement), "Since the day you announced your candidacy, you have attempted to trivialize my military service, distorted my record and questioned my integrity, which I have built over a 25 year career in the United States Marine Corps."

Well, get ready folks, the old "I carried the football" commercials are coming back!!

But kudos to the Rowley campaign. They fired back on this one with a restatement of the horrible record Kline has on veterans. The Rowley campaign response points out 8 instances that Kline voted against veteran issues. So, who's being disrespectful? A campaign with a mistaken picture or an incumbent cutting real benefit dollars?

By refusing a sincere apology, Kline has also crossed the line of civility. When an opponent says I'm sorry (a rare thing these days), the honorable thing to do is accept it, move on to the issues, and leave it to the voters. But that is not the Kline way -- in the tradition of Tom Delay and newly elected John Boehner, you exploit everything.

The response letter from the Rowley campaign is appropriate and right on the money. If Kline doesn't want to have a substantive debate, then let the people decide.

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Boehner = Delay Without Indictments

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/02/06 14:42

by Dave Mindeman

John Boehner is now majority leader in the House. K Street wins again!

Boehner is up to his eyeballs in lobbyist crap...just as much as Delay was. Boehner's "sugar daddies" are the for-profit education companies and the private sector student loan companies. As indicated in the Washington Post:

"Boehner has sponsored legislation strongly supported by private student lenders to restrict the ability of the U.S. Department of Education to make government student loans less expensive by cutting fees. Student loans constitute a multibillion-dollar market in which the nonprofit government and for-profit private lenders compete."

I am sure that the $292,570 that Boehner's PAC got from employees and lobbyists for private student lending companies and for-profit academic institutions, had nothing to do with advocacy for their cause. (wink... wink)

Boehner was also the House member that pushed for the No Child Left Behind legislation. Bush signed the bill into law in Boehner's home district in Ohio.

This guy is an enemy of public education and a pretty blatant influence peddler. But hey, compared to Delay he looks like a reformer.

Business as usual.
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Contributions vs. Influence Peddling

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 02/01/06 17:52

by PDW58

When political analysts assess candidates, they always focus on money. But in this age of Jack Abramoff, we need to examine where the money comes from:

Take the 2nd Congressional District for example:

John Kline took 40% of his money from PAC's.
Coleen Rowley took 4% in PAC money.

Kline got contributions from the following:

Freedom Project -- $5,000 (PAC formed by John Boehner, candidate for Majority Leader)
Drug Companies -- $16,000 (Medicare Part D???)
Defense --
...........Lockheed $ 3,000 (lucrative defense contracts)
...........BAE Systems $ 7,500
Trucking Industry -- $16,000 (can you say CAFTA?)

So, if you were going to choose the person that would be influenced the least by lobbyists...whom would you select?
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