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Minnesota: Where's the Perfect Candidate?

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/31/06 11:57

by Dave Mindeman

We are into the Democratic kvetching season. The season when candidate campaigns ring their hands and proclaim the sky will fall unless their candidate is coronated.

Bloggers are out there pontificating about things they know to be pure unadulterated speculation. More blogs pop up touting a certain candidate to be the only clear choice.... other blogs respond; campaigns respond...everybody preaches that the real enemies are the Republicans, then they attack each other again.

I've been around this long enough to know it is all part of the game but it is amazing to watch none-the-less. The blogging aspect of it is new... a lot of wannabes and party hacks preaching to the rest of us before they disappear into their ground hog holes until the next election cycle. Those of us who slog through the constant grass roots organization struggle when nobody is paying attention tend to resent this preachiness.

Bottom line? Candidates are a big part of whether a party wins or loses, but unless their is an organization in place, it ain't gonna happen. Now, we have a number of governor campaigns going at it for the DFL nod. They each have a troup of loyal followers and they are passionate, but at the end of the day, they are going to have to coalesce around one place.

Let's take the 2nd District Congressional race as an example of what could happen. Sharon Marko ended her bid -- she bowed out gracefully. Now, instead of talking about the valiant effort she made or the real need to move forward and work to unseat Kline, her supporters go into yet another round of "trash Rowley" talk on any sympathetic blog they can find. Hey, real productive!

Sharon Marko pointed out some things that needed to be addressed. She did a service to the 2nd Congressional Democratic party to bring attention to those problems. She showed class and dignity and will continue to serve all of us in the State Senate this session. It is unfortunate that some of her supporters can't seem to follow that example.

Rowley may not be the perfect candidate, but she was clearly the majority choice of the 2nd District party faithful. We will need to move on to the next phase.

When it comes to candidates, I haven't found a perfect one yet. In the Governor's race, you tell me who stands out as a clear choice. Mike Hatch -- too vague. Steve Kelley -- too wonkish. Becky Lourey-- too far left? In the Senate : Amy Klobuchar -- too folksy. Ford Bell -- no elective experience.

None of these people are bad.... all would be good candidates. We just have to find ways to work for the common goal. Once the candidate is selected, then the real work begins. If your candidate doesn't get the nomination and you leave in disgust, then your value to the final goal was always pretty limited.

Always, always -- the end focus must be: November 7th.
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Katherine Kersten Wants the Truth!

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/30/06 12:42, Edited: 03/30/06 12:45

by Dave Mindeman

Katherine Kersten wants the truth! Her column in the Strib is demanding explanations. She is offended that the citizens of Minnesota aren't buying into the partisan witch hunt that's going after Senator Dean Johnson.

Somebody is lying! Katie is demanding to know who. Either a Minnesota Supreme Court Justice is lying or Senator Johnson is. She demands to know which one.

But Katie, as long as you are outraged about this...why not keep it going? If lies in government have outraged you then please, please continue up the line.

Jack Abramoff: If he is telling the truth, then virtually the entire Congress is lying. Come on Katie.. get after these guys. Let's root out Bob Ney, Conrad Burns, John Doolittle, et.al. Let's vent some more outrage!

Tom Delay: If recent Texas indictments are telling the truth, then Tom Delay is lying. Come on, Katie... let's find out the truth here. Make Tom give us the facts. Follow the money, Katie.

President Bush: If the 9/11 Commission or the Downing Street Memos, or Richard Clark are telling the truth, then President Bush is lying. Come on Katie... call for an investigation. Let's get to the bottom of this. Demand hearings! Let's get it on. I'm with you.

Go for it, Katie, bring it on. Let's find the truth and you lead the charge. And I think it only fair that we start at the top and work down. Call for that Congressional investigation into the facts leading to the Iraq War. Start it up Katie, lead us in a quest for the truth! We're with you.
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Coleen Rowley vs. Kline: Marko Out

Category: Minnesota Politics
Posted: 03/29/06 19:08

by PDW58

Sharon Marko has bowed out of the 2nd District Congressional race according to MPR. This puts a fall contest between Coleen Rowley and Congressman John Kline, a near certainty.

Marko's withdrawal was a little surprising but sources in the various Senate District conventions so far, were putting Coleen Rowley's delegate support at between 60 and 70 per cent of the delegates chosen... not counting undecideds. The Marko campaign was counting on the worries about the Rowley campaign to translate into delegate support. It didn't happen.

It is becoming evident that the Rowley campaign has retooled effectively and is on a fast learning curve about the kind of organization they want to build. Even though party leaders were skeptical, the grass roots organizing that developed turned out to be very effective.

The reality seems to be that the Marko challenge has given the Rowley campaign an inadvertant lift. The fundraising still may not be at the level that's needed, but the sheer number of small donors and volunteer efforts have already made a difference.

Although the Rowley campaign is reluctant to seek out the larger money sources, it appears that she has weathered the first test and is on a fast track to take on Kline in a year where Democrats will be given a much closer look.

It might be wise for the party and the money people to also take a second look... Coleen Rowley may have found a formula.
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