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Body Armor for Quail Hunting

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/12/06 21:22, Edited: 02/12/06 23:45

by Dave Mindeman

Cheney is demonstrating his remarkabale adeptness at setting his sites on a target and hitting the wrong thing. This time his victim was literally one of his own millionaire donors.. Mr. Harry Whittington... shot accidently by Cheney's shotgun. Going quail hunting with Cheney is becoming equivalent to walking around Baghdad outside the Green Zone.

It is ironic that the great white hunter was given an opportunity to fix his sites on a target he wanted and ended up blasting one of his own. Kind of like going after Ambassador Joe Wilson but getting Scooter Libbey indicted. Or kind of like assuring Scott McClellan that he had nothing to do with the Plame leak and then leaving the press secretary hung out to dry when the indictment of his own chief of staff comes down. Or assuring the American people that we would be treated like "liberators" in Iraq, only to get bogged down in a deadly insurgency. Kind of a metaphor for the life of Dick Cheney!

Can somebody take his "toys" away from him?
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Lying as an Art Form

Category: US Politics
Posted: 02/11/06 10:49

by Dave Mindeman

Somebody's lying. It probably has occurred to you before this, but the list of possibles just keeps growing.

Michael Brown (heckuva guy) has certainly changed his tone. He says the White House was fully informed of the levee problems. The White House says they weren't. Somebody's fudging.

Jack Abramoff's e-mails detail about 12 meetings with the President... he even says his kids were discussed. The President says "don't know the guy". Somebody's not coming clean.

Scooter Libby says he had authorization to "leak" information from his "superiors". The White House maintains he was on his own. Somebody's got it wrong.

Its funny, but nobody on the above list is a Democrat. These guys lie to each other.

I keep thinking back to Bush the candidate, back in 2000. "I will restore honor and dignity to the White House." Ha! At least the lying has been consistent from the beginning....
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No Breaks in that Republican Levee

Category: Society
Posted: 02/10/06 18:41

by Dave Mindeman

I often wonder how Republicans do it. You know...how they stay together without the intense visible divisions. Democrats are constantly fighting with each other... every faction knows whats best for the party and are willing to break any candidate who disagrees. I used to critcize the GOP for the litmus tests they used... pro-life, gay marriage, religion; I mean, these are issues which divide up Democrats so successfully. But why doesn't it do the same to the Republicans? They're still regular people aren't they? So, why aren't there any breaks in the levee?

Why are the Log Cabin Republicans...well, Republican? Why do the Republican voices in NOW, still vote Republican? Why do clergyman pick out the divisive issues and shout to high heaven, yet, ignore the plight of the poor...which should be their main mission?

Conversely, why do Pro-Life Democrats simply abandon the party on one issue? Or why would union rank and file jump ship on "guns and gays" and watch their unions slowly die? Or why do the environmentalists constantly rag on Democrats for not doing anything and simply let the power brokers in the GOP off with a simple scolding?

It is frustrating to watch each election cycle...it is the same thing over and over. The Democrats get bogged down in social agenda minutiae which never really changes... and the Republicans get re-elected with horrible records that never get addressed.

One of the answers to this contradiction is simply money.. The Jack Abramoff scandal has exposed the tip of the iceberg to the GOP money machine. But even the legal funds are fueled by division.... they stir up the pro-life machinery and the gay marriage fear mongers, and the gun battles. It all generates stacks and stacks of money which buy distorted and negative ads and soon we are mired in muck during the last month of the campaign --- and again, we lose.

How long will this go on? Are there no reasonable people left? Obviously, a right wing court hasn't made a difference. More and more guns on the streets hasn't made a difference. Wiretapping, search engine detection, and e-mail watches hasn't made a difference. War and more war... nothing.

So, do you think we will keep spiraling into the abyss? Hey, you tell me.....
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