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It Is About Competing

Category: Norm Coleman
Posted: 05/10/18 12:47

by Dave Mindeman

Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino magnet, cut a $30 million check to the Congressional Leadership Fund, under the watchful, encouraging eye of Norm Coleman.

$30 million.

Democrats have to compete with that. If they don't, we could once again be relegated to the minority in the House of Representatives.

Let me talk to the Progressive Wing of the Democratic Party. Listen up. I agree with your assumption that until we get big money out of politics, nothing of value for the working class can be done. You are right - everybody on the left agrees with that.

But when you self righteously sneer at Democratic candidates who raise enough money to compete with well funded Republicans, you are giving guys like Sheldon Adelson a free ride.

Money raising Democrats are not the problem. They are not the enemy. It is the unlimited spigot of cash that Republicans can draw on that is the culprit. Remember that. Focus on that.

We cannot get that problem addressed until we have enough Democratic votes in Congress to move for change. It really is as simple as that. We will have to have well funded Democrats win these seats this fall to have any hope of getting campaign finance changed to a more fair and accountable system.

Too often, progressive voices chastise Democrats for raising large sums of money. This is hopelessly short sighted. Dems raise money to compete - Republicans raise hordes of money to bury us.

I, personally, hate the idea of money in politics. It is not free speech when wealthy donors can drown out the rest of us as if we do not exist. Corporations are not people, either, but until we can muster enough votes in Congress and the State Legislatures to get a Constitutional amendment change in that regard, we are stuck with it.

It all comes down to winning elections - and for the time being, unfortunately, it takes money to win elections.

So hold off on the self righteousness. When we have a majority of Democratic votes in Congress then you can shame them into doing the right thing.

And I believe they will - if we support them now.
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