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DFL Candidates For Governor: Next Six Posts

Category: MN 2016 Governor
Posted: 08/06/17 22:43

by Dave Mindeman

The next series of posts are from brief interviews (some not so brief) that I had with the DFL candidates for governor that attended the DFL State Central Committee meeting in Farmington - on Saturday, August 5th.

Of the 6 major declared candidates, I managed to talk to 5 of them. I missed only St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman, who had another commitment. I hope to talk to him sometime in the near future.

Judging by these conversations we have a great field of candidates for 2016. The debate should be spirited and they have a lot to say to us.

These talks did not cover all the topics I wanted to get to, but this is only the start of things - we have over a year to decide. So add this to your folder and keep attending the forums coming up for more information.

Now - to the candidates or their staff: If there is something wrong here or misinterpreted that you wish to clarify feel free to send me a note at:


and I will add it to the mix.

This election is an important one. Mark Dayton has moved on a strong agenda and he has had to play goalie at other times. But having a Democrat as Governor is an important cog in keeping our state great and ready to meet its future.

I realize that Trump has been occupying a lot of our time. But in order to make the resistance have greater meaning, state and local legislative races need to garner our attention as well.

Stay informed. Stay vigilant. Keep the faith.
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