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Do Your Job

Category: GOP Politics
Posted: 02/14/17 12:51

by Dave Mindeman

The silence is deafening.

With the Michael Flynn resignation, questions upon questions come to the surface and cry out for answers. Yet, with the Republicans controlling the reins of power, their lack of curiousity is troubling.

For over a year and a half, the House Investigations Committee with Chair Jacob Chaffetz scrutinized to the minutest detail, everything about Hillary Clinton's e-mails. No stone was left unturned. It hurt her campaign and hurt her credibility. Yet, they found nothing.

But, in the case of Flynn, we have had troubles brewing below the surface indicating that he was compromised long ago. He has had unpublicized Russian contacts that were looked into even prior to the election. The Justice Department, the FBI, and most of the intelligence apparatus were aware of the possibility, prior to the election, during the transition, and now openly stating it. Why they didn't give public statements on that, while insisting on broadcasting every move in the HRC investigation is still a very disturbing mystery.

But even with all of these revelations, the GOP Congress refuses to act. They have taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and these United States....and here, we have a real national security threat that they choose to ignore.

You can't take partisanship into this realm. This is beyond Republican and Democrat. It is about our country. I guess the idea of America First doesn't apply if it is about a potential Republican embarrassment.

In the 1973-74 Watergate investigation, it was a Republican Senator, Howard Baker, who led the charge and asked the hard questions. To him, it wasn't about what was best for his Party - it was about the country.

That is the real America First attitude that we need right now. We do not know how far this reaches and what may have already been compromised by this White House and its web of deceit and chaotic function. But we can find out. We can ask the questions. We can have a government that actually does look out for the interest of the people and not some partisan protectionism.

Come on Congress -DO YOUR JOB!
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02/14/17 23:57
Not a conspiracy theorist type, but there is enough smoke and burning embers to suggest there are more revelations to come regarding the relationship between the Trump campaign and Russia's efforts to influence the election. How much more will it take before it can be said the Russians did decide the election?

02/14/17 16:56
It also explains why a newly elected president who vowed repeatedly to investigate and "lock her up" gets the details explained to him and decides to publicly praise her instead.

You can connect the dots on this. Methods and tactics would make the founders roll over in their graves!
02/14/17 16:53
This same issue may explain why the Justice Department handled the HRC election they way they did. As I've said here many times, she was a profoundly flawed candidate. It may well be that the JD knew what they had and needed to shut down the whole operation. Information gathered in the manner they do (eavesdropping) is not admissible in court. But it doesn't mean it is not the truth. In the case of HRC we see a huge charity fold up shop, a related Hedge Fund quietly disappear. and a former candidate evaporate into the shadows.

Make no mistake about it, this may also be why they used an unsecured phone at the moment of launch of the North Korean rocket. Those details are available to anybody with the technology to harvest it. Don't be naive enough to think N Korea does not possess that ability because China gave it to them...

02/14/17 16:29
Recording phone calls is normally the realm of judicial oversight. In this case, a transcript appears.

Troubling this inquiry is the exposure of methods used to unearth this drama. Those in the know have had it explained to them in horrifying detail with the understanding that they keep their mouths shut about it.

Due to the very nature of digital phones, and how they work, most users are oblivious to the FACT that every conversation from every person using the system is digitally recorded to data files left around for later inquiry. No audio stream is delivered through a satellite to a distant phone. A series of numbers that represent the audio stream are passed from device to device and reconstructed to give the user the appearance of an audio stream. Yes, it is true. Every single conversation from every person, every user, is recorded and saved temporarily. The obvious exposure to opportunities for this process to be abused is frightening. I'm fairly certain they don't want to be discussing it in the open for fear of what outrage would ensue.

So we settle for a resignation and move on...


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