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So Long

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 11/09/16 08:36

by Dave Mindeman

I am stunned.

I never believed that America would allow such a thing to happen. Our democracy is much more fragile than I realized and it is about to be put to the ultimate test.

Four years of this vengeful narcissist is hard to imagine, but I guess the people have spoken.

They know not what they do.

Hillary Clinton did not deserve this. Barack Obama did not deserve this. The 20 million Americans about to lose their health insurance did not deserve this. The soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan do not deserve this. And quite frankly, the large numbers of Trump supporters who have struggled economically do not deserve this. And least of all, the planet earth, on the brink, does not deserve this.

The United States has made a choice. And they chose poorly. But that is how it works in this country. For good or for ill, we, as a nation make those choices.

I have never been politically afraid before. But I am now.

Barack Obama made the closing argument. He said progress was on the ballot. Health care was on the ballot. Climate change was on the ballot.

And even more ominously, it seems, our basic values and standing in the world was on that ballot.

I am going to take a hiatus from this blog for awhile. My thoughts and ideas aren't of much value in this new world we have decided to venture into. I am going to avoid, as much as I can, watching this transition take place.

The idea of Rudy Giuliani as attorney general, or a climate denier as head of the EPA, or the possibility of Sarah Palin as Secretary of the Interior, are just too absurd to even comment on.

So I am going to go quietly into that good night....at least for now.

Good luck America - you will need every bit of it you can muster.
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11/09/16 22:01
The outcome of this election season could easily be "So Long" ... no, not because it seems the election season is so long, but because the number of people that voted for Democrats in the past seems to be dwindling -- allowing the MNGOP to grow slowly and win.

Are they saying "So long" to the process of engaging in elections ?

Look at these numbers :
2008 1,573,354 Obama 1,275,409 McCain
2012 1,546,167 Obama 1,320.225 Romney
2016 1,364,067 Clinton 1,321,120 Trump

2016 saw the minor parties pick up votes -- most likely more a rejection of Clinton and Trump than a real embracing of a political party. The Libertarian ticket grew from 9k in 2008 to 35k in 2012 and yesterday garnered 112,778 -- not thinking that they will become a force but when you add in the McMullin vote (53,028), it is reasonable to suggest that a Rubio/Kasich ticket would have easily won Minnesota.

The real shocker was in MN01 where after winning comfortable for years, Tim Walz barely beat Jim Hagedorn in a repeat contest. Walz got most of the newspaper endorsements but in the end 2,513 votes separated them ... but the money difference was vast. Hagedorn did not get any help from the RNCC and a meager $1000 from John Kline, raising somewhat more that $341,000 ... meaning his $/vote was about $2. BTW, I live in the district and got no mailers from either candidate although I did see a couple Walz commercials but never saw/heard Hagedorn's ads)

MN02 was marked by the continued impact of Paula Overby and the Independence Party. Lewis did not get much financial support that would have been expected in a high profile open seat ... but next time, he will have two years of being in Washington picking up donations.

A little surprise in MN07 where Peterson won again ... a little bit closer this time - 5 points versus 8 points in 2014. OK, you remember 2014 when RNCC spent all that money, yet still lost. This time, David Hughes - did anyone ever hear anything about his campaign ... raised $17,085 this cycle ... that's less that what Paulsen would take in about three days. Turnout was okay at 330k. On a dollar/vote basis was about 11 cents per Hughes vote.

Yep, the question is how do you get voters to participate ... 'cause right now, it looks pretty rough for the DFL.

Take some time off ... relax ... something will come up, and before you know it you are putting your insightful views in print.
11/09/16 20:52

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap

(mic drop)
11/09/16 14:27
"They know not what they do."
Dave, Dave, Dave! Yes they do know.

I'm a Democrat and I quietly plugged my nose and voted for the Democrats all the way down the ticket. However, I've grown tired of hoping that Democrats, including and especially Hillary, pull their heads out of their rear-ends. I voted in hopes that somehow, some way Hillary and the rest of the rank and file legislators and activists would see the error of the ways. That includes the way the party has operated, legislatively and internally as a party.

My disgust began with the Clinton administration, ushering in of the "New Democrats" aka feeding from the corporate trough. It was Clinton who set the tone for catering to corporate interests including policies (or lack thereof) to flood the country with cheap labor and export our jobs via toxic trade agreements while impudently standing by while corporate interests continued to bust unions. And it was Hillary Clinton's healthcare architecture that created our current unaffordable healthcare debacle where in order to pass it, Democrats had to sell their souls to the devils (pharma, medical and insurance industries) at the expense of every worker in the country. The same system that Democratic activists can't admit is absolutely terrible.

It should be a required prerequisite to Democratic involvement to visit a blue collar watering hole on a few Friday evenings with your politically correct mouths shut and your ears open for once and listen to the concerns of the average man and woman in this country. You all would learn something, that is if you could actually force yourselves to really listen and really keep your mouths shut.

The second round of disgust was during the primaries this year as I was called and visited by other activists who questioned mine and other Bernie supporters true party affiliation and intellectual abilities. To have some jerk in a suit knock at my door and stand on my property to ask if I was really a Democrat if I wasn't supporting Hillary was more disgusting than I had the stomach for. Then to watch the State Party Chair make no bones about openly fundraising and other internal activities in support of Hillary before there was even an endorsement was just over the top.

Then to sit around and listen to months of Hillary supporters talk to me and other Bernie supporters like we were idiots was a sure fire way to alienate us for a long time to come.

As Hillary supporters sit around and lick their wounds, you all make sure to think about who exactly are the idiots in their choice of candidates now? What was her message? "Don't vote for the idiot racist pig." What was her agenda? "Status Quo." What message did it send, "Tough sh*t if you and your families are having economic woes, we gave 20 million people healthcare, for the rest of you 280 million, bummer to be you." Those who voted for Trump knew exactly what they were doing. They were voting to blow everything up and eliminate the status quo to change their own economic trajectory. They might not be in tune to history and the potential seriously bad consequences for their choices, but they knew exactly what they were doing. They did it because Democrats are so busy crowding onto their narrow politically correct pedestals that are too high up in the clouds to see or hear anyone else's real concerns or possibly propose real solutions to them.

Put all that into your pipe and ponder it for a while.

11/09/16 11:08
I fully understand your wish for a hiatus, Dave, but those of us who are sane need your clear voice. Take a break, but please come back when you are ready to fight again for all the disenfranchised. You are needed.

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