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Erik Paulsen = Corporatist - First, Last And Always

Category: Erik Paulsen
Posted: 09/29/16 15:09

by Dave Mindeman

I get a lot of people argue that Hillary Clinton is a "corporatist" and not a true progressive. I think that's a lot of bunk, but right now I want to discuss who is the true corporatist....right here in Minnesota.

Erik Paulsen.

This guy doen't bother to represent real people. He truly believes that he is in Washington to represent business. But then I guess he takes the Supreme Court decision to heart - corporations are people.

Let's look at the record.

Erik Paulsen has been in the pocket of medical device companies throughout his career. He has successfully advocated for a moratorium on the device task that helps fund Obamacare....creating a windfall for companies like Medtronic.

Of course, not satisfied with that tax break, Medtronic changes their corporate address to Ireland so that they can avoid more taxes. All the while, building up offshore bank accounts, hiding their profits - and forcing the rest of us to pay their bills.

Although Paulsen voted against the Dream Act and voted for many of the Trump like immigration bills that came from this Congress, Paulsen managed to vote in favor of special visas that business wanted so that they can bring in high-tech workers from other countries...at the expense of American workers.

And how about energy corporations? Paulsen was right there for them as well. He voted YES on opening Outer Continental Shelf to oil drilling. He voted YES on barring EPA from regulating greenhouse gases. He voted NO on enforcing limits on CO2 global warming pollution. And he voted to bar greenhouse gases from Clean Air Act rules, and to declare that nothing in the Act shall be treated as authorizing or requiring the regulation of climate change or global warming.

When asked directly about climate change, Paulsen said he wasn't smart enough to know whether that's true or not. Well, he votes like he believes it.

Paulsen could easily fit into the Trump camp, except for one clear difference. Paulsen's corporate masters need him to support the TPP.

Paulsen puts it this way:

"We should not step away from the table on agreements such as TPP. The benefits that thoughtful trade agreements can bring to American businesses, their employees, and their families are too important to ignore."

Notice how he wants you to believe that somehow employees and families will benefit as well? He knows better. He only worries about his corporate "people" - he just likes to spin it differently. He doesn't talk much about his TPP support generally because Trump supporters do not like it. But the only people it matters to are the corporate interests - and they already know that Erik Paulsen is on their side.

Erik Paulsen, man of the people? No - he is definitely a man of the boardroom.

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09/29/16 15:28
You argue "Vote Trump!"

The problem with all your arguments is that the real economic culprit is the income tax. You "feel" that it is only those with the means that should pay. Yet we live in a world-wide economy.

Products exported from America are met, in most of the civilized world, a VAT style tax. Products imported from elsewhere face an income tax, which is a tiny fraction of the selling price by comparison.

Trump wants to change that. And none too soon. It has been the ruination of our economy for many years and it must end soon or we implode under the weight of our own largess.

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