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The Nutshell Positions of "What Is Aleppo?" Gary Johnson

Category: Presidential Politics
Posted: 09/20/16 09:04

by Dave Mindeman

Just in case you are looking at Gary Johnson as an alternative, here are some of his positions:

1. Wants to abolish the Department of Education.

2. Believes that Climate Change is real but that we should not interfere with market forces in energy consumption. Included in that is no subsidies for renewable energy.

3. Is in favor of a consumption tax for the economy.

4. Wants to go back to privatized health care. No government involvement.

5. Does support gay marriage.

6. On immigration, he does favor a path to citizenship.

7. No foreign interventions. Congress must be involved.

8. Thinks police shootings are related to drug war - which he would eliminate. But no mention of race being a factor.

9. Opposes gun restrictions of any kind. Full NRA position.

10. Supports legalization of marijuana.

OK - there is the good and the bad of Gary Johnson.

Just FYI
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09/20/16 17:40
Where's the bad?


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