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Rep. Tara Mack - Will She or Won't She?

Category: GOP 2014
Posted: 04/01/16 11:57

by Dave Mindeman

Tomorrow is the state Senate District 57 conventions for both the Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats convention probably doesn't have much drama to it...but there is a bit of intrigue regarding the GOP part of the equation.

The local GOP needs to make their endorsements...and when it comes to Rep. Tara Mack, there are question marks. First, she has been very vague about whether or not she will run for re-election. A yes or no has not been the answer so far. So, tomorrow requires that decision.

Mack still has that late summer scandal hanging over her head. Her public appearances have decreased. She has had one twitter post in the last 6 months. Her facebook page has no new postings. And her campaign web page has not been updated in at least a year.

Her husband, Justin, has a mission outreach position with their local church - River Valley. It looks like the Macks were in Turkey during January - both of them. Other mission projects are in the works - so does he leave alone or do they go together? Just a question.

Tara Mack resigned from the Ethics Committee...well, more like forced to resign...but she is still chair of one of the Health and Human Services Committees. She comes late. Avoids the press. Her legislative site has no updates. She is chief author of 3 bills for the current session. The activity level is much lower than you would expect.

So, is she going to run again? Hard to understand why she would wait this long to decide. Unless the idea is to put some hand picked person forward to replace her? Possible, I guess.

Tomorrow is their convention.

Just curious.
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