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Voting Is One Thing - It Is Really About Delegates

Category: GOP Presidential Candidates
Posted: 03/29/16 21:20

by Dave Mindeman

The GOP Presidential race is the most bizarre race anyone has ever seen. You have a front runner in this race who has the Party scrambling to stop. You have active participation in promoting an open convention scenario. And you have a party split as a given but it has become the least of their worries.

Another phase came out today. Marco Rubio is sending letters to states where he gained delegates, telling them that he wishes to keep them. That is particularly interesting for Minnesota which is the only actual state that he won. He has 17 delegates here - his largest count next to the 23 he won in Puerto Rico.

How this plays out is a little mysterious. There is still an active GOP rule that no candidate can be placed in nomination without winning at least 8 contests. Rubio does not meet that criteria. However, does that mean he cannot control the delegates that he won - who knows? And rules can always be changed. If he is allowed to keep them, that could make him a significant player in an open convention. And he seems to want to maintain that possibility.

Complicating things is Louisiana - which has already distributed the delegates that would have been pledged to him at their state convention. Ted Cruz worked the convention to get all of them (5).

I can't imagine that there will not be a multitude of credential challenges in various delegations. And trust me, people are going to be seeking those slots on the rules committee - there will be fights to get on there.

Donald Trump seems to be finally getting the idea that he needs more people with convention expertise to monitor the process. Arcane local rules could be a major factor in how this all plays out.

Primaries and caucuses may be thought of as a voice of the electorate - but delegate selection is in the hands of the Party. And it is all about the delegates.

You are probably going to learn more than you ever wanted to in this regard.
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