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Abortion Outrage? Simple Solution Is End The Research

Category: Women's Issues
Posted: 09/25/15 14:56

by Dave Mindeman

Abortion politics roils Washington and a number of state legislatures. The current furor is fueled by the Center for Medical Progress....a name which is a complete misnomer.

Carly Fiorina used these tapes to make a name for herself in the debates. Although, like the tapes themselves, the truth was one of the casualties.

And even Speaker Boehner's decision to step down has roots in the latest abortion outrage caused by these tapes.

As usual, the social conservative right concentrates on gruesome descriptions and outrageous insinuations to fuel anger and indignation. There is no discussion about the other side of this.

First of all, legal abortion is in place because abortion would occur regardless of law. Legalizing it has stopped the back alley deaths that most assuredly would go on if the legality was eliminated. It IS a women's health issue because the abortion procedure is never going to go away...legal or not. Women's lives can depend on a safe medical procedure.

Secondly, I find the outrage over the use of fetal tissue to be highly hypocritical. If these procedures are so outrageous, then ban it. Ban all of it. End the research. Stop the potential breakthroughs. Stop blaming Planned Parenthood and objectifying them with your outrage. It can end quite simply. Ban fetal tissue research.

If the social conservative right is comfortable with taking away the hope of many disease sufferers have in this type of research, then by all means do it. End all of it and explain that decision to the people affected.

I am tired of the self-righteous indignation that engulfs this issue. There is a choice here....unlike the choice you want to take away from women in general....but it is a choice.

Stop the research. Or, please, shut up.
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