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An Open Letter To Wisconsinites

Category: Scott Walker
Posted: 09/08/15 23:06, Edited: 09/09/15 05:07

by Dave Mindeman

An open letter to all the Badgers out there...

Dear Bucky Badger supporters. I know you have had a kind of superiority complex about Big 10 (or 11, or 12, etc) sports involving Minnesota and Wisconsin. Yes, you have had the upper hand on the football field and the basketball court....and maybe a few other venues, but this letter is not about sports.

I'm talking about what affects the lives of the residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin....jobs, economy, income...those types of things. And frankly, Badgerites, we are kicking your butts.

Maybe since your governor is off galavanting around the country, chasing after Donald Trump, etc...well, maybe, Wisconsinites, maybe you should sit down and think about getting a new "coach".

I know many of you have seen this image floating around....


I noticed a conservative website piece trying to do a fact check on those numbers, and you know what their reasoning was?

1. Wisconsin has ALWAYS had traditionally lower median income.

2. Supply side economics always takes more time - 5, 10, or 20 years.

That was it. Wisconsin is just a poorer state and you can't judge supply side policies unless a generation has passed. Really? That's the defense?

But, hey, Wisconsin there is more to the comparison, much more.

At the start of the recession, Wisconin (which has a higher population) had 108,000 more private sector jobs than Minnesota. Now it is less than 40,000.

In 2008, MN GDP was $17.4 billion more than Wisconsin. In 2013, MN had over $25 billion more.

The Forbes 2014 economic ranking for Wisconsin was 32. Minnesota was ranked #9.

Ten years ago MN and WI had nearly an equal number of health and education jobs. Now MN has 74,000 more than WI.

I could go on, but I think Bucky should be getting the picture.

Maybe the Golden Gophers of Minnesota haven't (yet) bested the Badger collegiate sports machine - but in just about every other way, its better to be a Minnesotan than a Wisconsinite.

And watch out...in 2016, the Gophers may extend that dominance onto the field as well.
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