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GOP Minority Senate Is Actually Right on Sen. Tomassoni

Category: DFL 2014
Posted: 01/14/15 14:59

by Dave Mindeman

I don't like conflicts of interest in government. Even the appearance of one. That is why I think that Sen. David Tomassoni, DFL-Chisholm should either resign his new job or resign his legislative seat.

I sympathize with the fact that there is nothing illegal about this. The Senator promises to do due diligence and make sure he recuses himself if there are potential conflicts.

That doesn't matter.

If there are even the possibility of conflicts as the Senator has acknowledged, then there is no possible way that the job and the legislative position can be reconciled as far as I'm concerned.

Are we supposed to assume that he can just determine what constitutes a conflict? Can we rely on that judgment, even if he is very careful in his determination?

Tomassoni defends his stance:

Tomassoni said Monday his new job makes it no different than "a farmer voting on farm issues or a lawyer voting on court issues," but he outlined several steps he'll take to reduce concern.

While that may be a reasonable defense, the fact is that his firm will directly lobby the legislature. And yes, the Senator says his role will be only administrative and not be directly involved with the actual lobbying position,... but it will be difficult not to assume that the Senator's "advice" will not be sought by the lobbyist involved.

I sympathize with our legislators financial status....being part time legislators and the commensurate low pay. But this is still representation for the state....and all cases of even the appearance of conflicting interest need to be eliminated.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Senate GOP minority on this one.
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01/15/15 23:25
Thank you. Agreed. This would look inappropriate if it was done by a Republican legislator. It's inappropriate for a DFL legislator. He deserves having attention called to do this, and being forced to make a difficult choice.

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