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C'mon GOP - Don't Use Idle Threats. Just Do It!

Category: US Politics
Posted: 11/14/14 22:32

by Dave Mindeman

Alright, let's just speculate about what happens now. I still have trouble understanding last week's election with such a low turnout, but there wasn't much motivation. Democrats didn't push anything and put themselves on the defensive all the time.

Well, maybe President Obama has decided that the time for action is now. He doesn't have to answer to the GOP and he doesn't have to answer to whiny Democrats. Time to push the envelope.

So, he moves on Net Neutrality and he gets a surprise climate concession from China. And now, it looks like he might move on immigration with clear executive action....at least we can hope he does.

OK. What does that do?

It forces the GOP's hand. Immigration is their achilles heal. They are caught between a stubborn, obstinate base and a Latino population that deserves and demands action. The Senate passed a bipartisan bill in 2013...bipartisan. The House has sat on it ever since. Obama has talked about executive action over and over.....encouraging the House to act. He has given them time. More than enough time to act on their own. They have refused. He even waited for the midterms to be decided to act....I'm not sure why he did that, but it may have been more a request from cowering Democrats than any threats from the Republicans.

But let's say the President follows through and moves with executive action. What happens?

Of course, the GOP goes ballistic. They already have boiled over on just the mere idea that Obama says he "might" do it. They have brought up impeachment, government shutdown.....all the nuclear reactions they can think of.

Which makes it all the more important that Obama does it. To finally force the GOP to react to Democratic action rather than the other way around.

Democrats get an advantage if the GOP shuts the government down. The Democrats get an advantage if they try to impeach the President. (It will accomplish nothing because even if articles get out of the House, it takes 2/3rds of the Senate to convict and that is just not going to happen.)

You have to wonder how foolish the Republicans are to even think about taken such drastic actions, but they have generally done so in the past.

I can't think of a better way to motivate Democrats for 2016 than for the Republican Party to follow through on their threats.

It motivates the Hispanic community. It motivates black voters. It motivates Progressives. It will motivate every single part of the Democratic base.

And as we have learned - if Democrats vote....Democrats win.

So let's follow through Republicans, don't just talk - do it.
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