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Tom Horner: IP, GOP, Me - Me - Me

Category: Independence Party
Posted: 09/09/14 14:03

by Dave Mindeman

The turn-coat rats are abandoning ship.

Tom Horner was the Independence Party candidate for Governor in 2010. He told us that the Republican Party had left him and that the new brand of the fiscally responsible - socially moderate Independence Party was the future of politics in Minnesota.

But that was four years ago.

Sensing the imminent demise of the IP, Horner jumps ship and latches onto his old stomping grounds in the GOP. And since Jeff Johnson is desperate enough to need him, we get a press conference that merges their moderate images as the face of the "conservative" MN Republican Party.

The IP has a governor candidate that they actually support and put on their website (as opposed to their Senate candidate), but when the candidate who was their standard bearer 4 years ago endorses the GOP candidate....well, it kinda looks bad.

Of course, Tom Horner has always been an opportunist. He jumped the GOP ship in 2010 when it looked like he could elevate the IP into debate status. It gave him an automatic platform and lots of press coverage. In other words, this is a case of "it's all about me".

Minnpost had an article outlining Horner and his views. Below are the big three policy mantras from Horner:

On education: "A good case is all day kindergarten. Of course it's a fine idea but if you're going to spend $135 million to get kids ready, to get ready for jobs, where is the most valuable return on our money? I think Jeff Johnson is much more likely to [ask that question] rather than Mark Dayton."

On taxes: "I wasn't opposed to raising more revenue, but the way the governor went about it is not in the best long-term interest of Minnesota. Just adding fourth tier only reinforces a tax system that isn't suited to a global market. Maybe we need more revenue but tilt the policy much more to tax consumption and more to reward investment."

On health care: "MnSure is where Republicans could play an effective role. It's good that we're expanding access and covering children and have a more robust marketplace. Now how do we control the underlying drivers of health care?"

There are some phrases in there that I would think the MN GOP conservatives will like a lot.....

All day kindergarten - "a fine idea".....since nobody in the GOP supported it, I guess that sets Horner apart. He quickly moves to the funding issue to get himself in line with Johnson.

"I wasn't opposed to raising more revenue".....oops. That is NOT a good talking point for today's GOP. Horner disagrees with the method not the concept. How about you, Jeff Johnson?

On healthcare - again, wrong words - "It's good we're expanding access and covering children".......whoa - you get the impression that Horner might even "like" MNSure. No words of repeal there. Yikes!

My guess is that Johnson is fine with Horner endorsing him - now he'll quickly move him off stage and out of the way.

And the IP continues its death spiral.
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