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The Neo-Cons And McCain Continue To Give Us Their Bad Advice

Category: Iraq War
Posted: 06/14/14 20:55

by Dave Mindeman

I love how the Iraq War instigators keep doubling down on their actions. They have the audacity to criticize what is happening in Iraq - even though they, themselves, set it all up to happen exactly this way.

They busted up Iraq under false pretenses. A country that has had factional wars and mistrust for centuries. They opened that Pandora's box because they wanted Bush to have his revenge on Saddam and to keep the free flow of oil for their corporate benefactors.

And then they propped up a government which was the opposite extreme of the one they just deposed. A Shiite dominated government and a Baathist party that was declared illegal. The Sunnis were never allowed representation in this "democratic" puppet government - and we wonder why they now feel that there is only a military answer.

We have funneled billions of taxpayer dollars into Iraq. With no accountability and no actual return on the investment. Iraq is a shambles and the country that had no Al-Qaeda prior to the war, now is the new safe haven for that faction.

It is stunning to watch John McCain and the former Bush administration people have the audacity to explain the "realities" to us - as if they have never been wrong in the past. Maybe a better phrase is "have they EVER been right in the past". But they expect to be treated as Iraq foreign policy experts on the situation now.

It is almost inevitable that Iraq will be going back to a dictatorship and that Afghanistan will be back in Taliban control. The US has artificially propped up governments that simply do not work in a world dominated by theocratic inclinations.

And still, the Neo-cons and the John McCains of this country want us to continue to spend our treasure and risk our people on a cause that has no solution. We are foreign usurpers and that means we should just stay out of it.

There are people in our government who still believe that these countries are willing to listen to the "voice of reason". Well, they are wrong. These countries into which we are so quick to intervene, do not act like us - they do not think like us - they do not like us. So why in the world do we think we can make them follow a path that we lay out? Has that ever worked - anywhere? NO!

Let's end this assumption that the people who led us into the mistakes of the past have any credibility to advise us about the present.

They were wrong then - and they are wrong now.
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