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Hey, NFL. Take Your Super Bowl Somewhere Else

Category: Vikings Stadium
Posted: 02/20/14 13:11

by Dave Mindeman

Does the NFL have no limits?

The head of the public stadium authority said Wednesday that she will be looking for a commitment from Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders in coming weeks that the state will adopt certain tax exemptions as part of Minnesota's bid to win the 2018 Super Bowl at the facility.

Seriously? The NFL needs tax waivers? Billions and billions of dollars in this industry and they think they need tax exemptions to bring a Super Bowl here?

Enough already. Somewhere the NFL has to be told no. This Metro area doesn't need a Super Bowl to that degree. Overall, it will cost us more money than it will bring. And who wants the traffic issues that will be inevitable for a venue in the middle of downtown.

I realize that any protest is spitting into the wind....

Kelm-Helgen said a law passed for the 1992 Super Bowl in Minneapolis exempted game tickets from tax, and that law remains on the books.

So all they really need is an affirmation of what is already there...and I suspect they will get that - doesn't even require a vote on the record. So the NFL will win another one.

Right now, I hope we don't spend one more dime or make one more attempt to "persuade" the NFL to grace us with their presence.

A Super Bowl that only the 1% can afford to attend shouldn't be a Minnesota priority.

Screw it.
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02/20/14 22:53
No one had better come knocking for a campaign donation. They can just head straight to the NFL. We MN taxpayers have done more than our fair share. And Wilf is a crook on top of that.

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