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Ladies & Gents, Zellers Will Now Fix The Sex Offender Program

Category: Kurt Zellers
Posted: 11/14/13 01:09, Edited: 11/14/13 01:10

by Dave Mindeman

Good news everybody! Rep. Kurt Zellers will now be able to fix the Minnesota Sex Offender Program. Governor Dayton has halted all releases and procedures until the legislature can review and recommend on how to proceed.

Lashing out at what he called the "political circus" surrounding the proposed release of a violent serial rapist from the Minnesota Sex Offender Program, Gov. Mark Dayton ordered state officials to suspend future discharges until the Legislature reviews the issue.

There you go, Rep. Zellers. Take the reins. Show us that leadership that has been so sorely lacking.

Take this problem and show us how it is done.

I expect that you will make your recommendations to the full legislature when the next session starts. After all, you are the answer man, are you not?

Rep. Zellers, the ball is in your court. The state is awaiting your wealth of knowledge and expertise.
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11/15/13 21:38
A political coward like Zellers will make the strategic calculations in his head, then not vote for it, but hope it will pass.

When will you people start advocating for smart instead of triangulating strategists whose only purpose in life is to destroy an opponent? How's it be we lock arms and start asking smart instead of pure to run the place? How's it be we get the smartest kids in the room to show us the way?

That won't be Zellers, or Dayton, not by a long shot!

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