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Katherine Kersten: Wrong Again

Category: Kersten
Posted: 11/19/12 13:16

by Dave Mindeman

Republicans have been doing a lot of crazy analysis regarding the election. Mitt Romney keeps digging. Karl Rove keeps pitching. Newt Gingrich keeps flipping. And everybody is excusing.

But Katherine Kersten comes up with the most delusional analysis ever published in print.

She is telling liberals that we only "think" we won. We really didn't you know. Kersten gives the low down.

Many conservatives are in a deep funk over the election results. But this gloom and doom is misguided. Going forward, conservatives have strong reasons to believe that the American people will hear their message in 2016 and beyond.

Really? As the President would say..."please proceed, Katherine".

Romney's low favorability ratings mark him as one of the weakest presidential candidates in modern history. Nevertheless, Republicans made major gains among crucial demographic groups in 2012, as Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center noted in an analysis of the presidential vote. Compared with 2008, the party was up among men (four points), whites (four), younger voters (six), white Catholics (seven) and Jews (nine).

Outside of younger voters, that's a demographic list that must be really, really high on the GOP "growth" potential....right? Kersten doesn't seem to be much of a "futurist", but then what do you expect from a person stuck in a 1950's value base. But she finds some other gems to prove here theory....

In 2012, Republicans kept their majority in the U.S. House, where Democrats failed to come close to making up the huge losses they sustained in 2010. But the GOP's most resounding success came at the state level. The party won every governor's seat up for re-election, and added North Carolina. Republicans now occupy the governor's mansion in 30 states, the largest majority for either party since 2000.

Let's add some facts. The House lost 7 or 8 seats depending on what recounts deliver. Also if you look at the individual vote counts for all Congressional races, Democrats got 1 million more votes than the Republicans. The House retained their majority because of gerrymandering, not because of superior messaging. And in the states, the governor increase was a net of 1 extra and Kersten doesn't even mention the legislative flip in Minnesota and only mentions California's new super majority (after increasing taxes in the last session) in passing as some kind of mistake.

But what is really interesting is that Kersten does not mention the Vote NO campaigns in Minnesota for the marriage amendment and for Photo ID. Campaigns which she was certain would be approved and bring Minnesota back to "traditional" values. She left out any rants against gay marriage, because her ideas were rejected.

Face it, Kersten. You lost.

But, of course, that would be reality - she prefers delusion.....

But conservatives' greatest strength in coming years will be enduring principles for which they stand. These are not just policy options, but incontrovertible truths of human nature that transcend party, time and place.

These principles hold that human beings -- and liberty -- flourish best under limited government; that economic prosperity and innovation spring from free markets, and that strong families and a vibrant civil society are essential to instilling the virtues and "habits of the heart" on which self-government depends. In contrast, the liberal entitlement state stymies human ingenuity and fosters debilitating dependency.

These are not incontrovertible truths....at least not with the definitions that Kersten espouses.

Progressive philosophies won on election day, whether Kersten wants to deny the facts or not.

Those philosophies won because they believe in fairness, the right to privacy, in taking care of the poor, that money is not going to tell us how to think, that equality trumps bigotry, that everyone's vote counts, that strong families don't have just one definition, and that this melting pot of a nation is stronger because we embrace diversity in all of its forms.

Those are the truths that endure...

and Katherine Kersten is flat out wrong.
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11/19/12 19:28
Maybe Republicans will get delusional enough to just stop voting.

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