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1st CD GOP: Parry vs Quist - 23 Ballots & Counting

Category: Tim Walz
Posted: 04/22/12 04:38

by Dave Mindeman

The 1st District Republican convention in Mankato was meant to endorse a candidate to run against incumbent DFLer Tim Walz. Well 23 ballots later, the winner is....

Tim Walz.

I say that because Allen Quist and Mike Parry fought to a 23 ballot draw on Saturday (going into Sunday) night. Both candidates had leads at various times. Mike Parry had the majority in the early ballotting, while Quist gradually moved ahead in later rounds. Parry regained the lead briefly before the final ballot ended with Quist leading 137 to 124.

Nobody could get seriously close to the 60% needed.

Finally, with a 2am building boot in the mix, the convention voted to adjourn. But they still aren't ready to just let a primary vote happen....

...the delegates ultimately decided they were committed to choosing a candidate. Delegates instead adjourned for the evening, and plan to have a second convention in the coming weeks to pick the candidate to endorse.

So, they get to do this all over again?

Like I said, the winner is Tim Walz.
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04/23/12 00:43
The difference is that no matter how much money the right throws at either Parry - or worse, Quist - they aren't very good candidates.

Quist in particular has a ton of baggage, and is such an extremist that even with a ton of money, they lack name recognition, and what recognition they have for the most part isn't good. That's starting from fairly deep in the hole, given Walz's name recognition.

At some point, isn't the support of Coeman and Rove in a losing race............kind of a good thing? If they waste money on a lot of these races, it bleeds dry their bloated PACs and SuperPacs. While their hugely funded entities seem an infinite resource, they have their limits as well; they arent really bottomless pits of money.

I see it as a potential two-fer, if Wals wins.......it causes the PACs to hemorrhage money to no good purpose, and it tars whichever of the two gets the nomination (I'm betting they have to go through a primary) with being the loser for future races, arguing against selection to run in the future.

It could be a nice little war of attrition, if we are lucky. Woudn't be the first time we saw the right cannibalize each other...
04/22/12 08:39

Actually, Quist came close on round 21 - fifteen ballots were turned in blank and he was 15 votes short of the 60% as he was outlasting Parry ? moving ahead 144 to 121.

I wouldn?t say the winner was Tim Walz ? this was an insider?s game ? Quist attacking Parry as a lightweight on the issues (trying to goat him into a debate on cap-and-trade) while Parry reminded everyone that Quist had taken all those ag subsidies.
Today, the headline is ?endorsement deadlock? but by May 10th, they will have an endorsed candidate.
The public isn?t paying attention but once American Crossroads, American Action Network, Congressional Leadership Fund, etc. (you know the SuperPAC money that Karl Rove and Norm Coleman will make available to attack Walz), the voters will get interested.

But the loser is clear ? the broad public that is denied an opportunity to weigh in.
IMO, this should be the lesson. The endorsing convention serves a purpose - to vet the candidates and whittle the field --- either to someone with significant appeal (thus the 60% threshold and no primary) or to the top two candidates and a primary.

Thus, thus the question, should the decision be made by 282 convention delegates or by all the primary voters in August ?

Potentially, isn?t this the same quandary that the DFL will face next week in choosing a challenger for John Kline ? The MNPact interviews (which are great and required reading) were necessary as I suspect that many delegates do not know the three candidates - since they announced long after the convention delegate selection process started.
I say, give the voters a chance to pick a vetted candidate.


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