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Rogue Republican Opportunists

Category: Sarah Palin
Posted: 04/07/10 13:30

by Alan Anderson

Sarah Palin is coming to town to raise money for Michele Bachmann. Both are using their star status to cash in and continue to fund their tea parties. These are the rogue ladies of the Republican Party and they bring new meaning to the term. Now it stands for Republican Opportunists Gouging Unsuspecting Electorates. Yes, as Sarah has shown, there is no need to serve the public when you can be self-serving?.giving up a governorship just to sell books and do television shows. And Michele stopped hiding behind bushes (real and George) to sell her brand of fear and demagoguery to stay in office. Yes, for only thousands of dollars you can hob-knob with the ladies of roguery and ensure that Republican ascendency to power is safely on the road to riches.

Sarah Palin told us earlier in her book that she was going ?rogue.? It is interesting that she would share that information with the public, unless of course, she didn?t really know what rogue meant. I certainly wouldn?t want others to know I was rogue?..especially if I wanted to be President of the United States.

When you check a dictionary you find the word rogue has several meanings. Unfortunately, not many of them are flattering. For example: a rogue is an unprincipled person; a scoundrel. For a Republican it is especially unbecoming, meaning ?a vicious and solitary animal, especially an elephant that has separated itself from its herd. The Republican symbol is an elephant, so it has a special meaning in that context. It also refers to being mischievous. Worst case scenario, a rogue?s gallery is a ?collection of pictures of criminals maintained in police files used for making identification.

So, for Sarah Palin, a governor who has been charged with unprincipled behavior, tax evasion, and corruption of her power and position, to declare herself a ?rogue? is rather self defeating. In a sense, it is acknowledging the truth of the term?.she is someone who plays loose with the law and who ?separates? herself from her peers and social group.

And now we know that Sarah and Michelle are rogues we should watch out for. They both play loose with the law and with language, inciting people whenever they have the chance. Let?s hope they stay together. Perhaps Sarah will convince Michelle that public service is a waste of time and that money is more important than anything else. Expect Representative Bachmann to resign before the next election!!
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