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1st District GOP: Bachmann Cloning or Fear and Loathing

Category: Tim Walz
Posted: 12/02/09 04:56

by Dave Mindeman

In the First District there will be at least two Republican candidates. Here is what they are saying....

"She is a close friend," he said. "If the left wants to associate me with Michele Bachmann, that's fine with me."--Allen Quist

?The worst fears we could imagine about government intervention, about government growth not just in terms of spending and taxation but just even the intervention in our lives is too much for me to take.? -- Rep. Randy Demmer

There is the Republican choice:

Bachmann cloning or Fear and Loathing.

Sounds catchy.

Allen Quist may like the idea of comparisons to Bachmann -- but he is more like a Bachmann without the occasional coherence. This is a guy who still thinks women should only be silent and pregnant. He is a creationist. A global warming denier. A homophobe.

Sounds like a Tea Party champion.

And then there's Randy Demmer.

I always like a candidate who start things out with "fear" as the basis for his campaign. Health care reform should be feared...taxes feared.... spending feared.

Demmer is certainly conservative. He has taken hard line stances on immigration, abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage. He and Quist will have to fight over who can run the farthest to the right.

Are these guys the best the 1st District GOP has to offer?

Cong. Walz might as well sit back and watch the fun....
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12/02/09 12:39
You've posed an interesting question :
Are these guys the best the 1st District GOP has to offer?

First District Republicans have made it clear that they are seeking out candidates ? the problem may be who is answering the call.

According to CQ Politics, there are potentially five candidates for the MN-GOP nomination : Quist (first to announce), Demmer (second to announce), Jim Hagedorn (should announce today), with rumor candidates Brad Finstad (former state representative 21-B and current Executive Director, Center for Rural Policy & Development) and current state senator Julie Rosen (24).
Finstad is known for being a driving force for the Twins stadium ? which upset quite a few Republicans and would create an interesting discussion since Demmer and Rosen both voted for the stadium. Finstad did not seek reelection in 2008 stating that he wanted to spend more time with his young children ? he?s in his 30?s. Rosen is the one that actually has the money to self-finance as her family?s wealth ranks higher than Glen Taylor.

The 2008 contest was between Dr. Brian Davis, state senator Dick Day, and Demmer, with the big question was : would anyone who did not get the endorsement take it to a primary ? Dr. Davis was simply an ideologue while Demmer and Day had voting records that hardcore conservatives did not agree with many of their votes (stadium, 2006 bonding bill, etc.) ? the question was Demmer ?Conservative with a Capital C? ? Dr. Davis won a first ballot endorsement and Demmer conceded ? Day took it to the primary. The primary really wasn?t competitive as Dr. Davis won easily.

Right now the legacy of Dr. Davis is being waged ? Demmer appears to be trying to move closer to Tea Party movement. Considering the number of voters that Dr. Davis attracted, it makes one wonder why they think Quist (who backed Davis) or Hagedorn (who wrote a blog MrConservative) or Demmer is the answer.

It will be interesting to see who gets the endorsement. The prize is probably not a seat in Congress but instead the Governorship. Rochester / Olmsted County will be one of the critical areas that will determine the next governor. MN-GOP activists will chose their candidate, but independent voters will determine who wins elections.


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