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RE: Jerry Falwell

Category: Society
Posted: 05/22/07 20:28, Edited: 05/23/07 01:43

by Tom Hammond

The Reverend Jerry Farwell delivered millions of Christian Evangelical workers and voters to the Republican Party in the past two decades. Without that support, Republicans would have been a feeble political force.

Why, then, was there an absence of Republican presidential candidates at ceremonies honoring his death? The answer is shockingly simple; he is no longer of political value.

For years, Republicans have manipulated Christian Evangelicals for
political gain. Before every election, they would whip Evangelicals into frenzy with promises of action on school prayer, abortion, and gay marriage. But once the votes were counted and Republicans elected, it was inaction as usual until the next election when the cynical process would begin again.

Apparently, Evangelicals truly believe that it is better to give than
to receive.
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