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Massive Cover Up

Category: Congressional Races
Posted: 01/05/18 22:29

by Dave Mindeman

For nearly a year the Senate Judiciary Committee under Senator Chuck Grassley, has been, at least in theory, been investigating the Russian interference in our election. At least we think that is what they are doing.

But most of Grassley's attention has been taken up with Fusion GPS and the Christopher Steele dossier. It would seem that Grassley has been assigned the task of discrediting that part of the Russian evidence.

His method of this is to stonewall any release of the Fusion GPS testimony (even though they have asked that it be released) and today, they decided (Grassley and Graham) to recommend charges be investigated or brought, by the FBI, against Christopher Steele - for theoretically getting some facts or dates wrong in his testimony.

A year of this and that is your best effort?

Grassley tells us that he cannot release the Fusion GPS testimony because making it public would interfere with Mueller's investigation. At the same time, Grassley says that he would be happy to have Fusion GPS testify again in an open session if they wish. So why would a public hearing NOT interfere with the investigation? Would Grassley be limiting the questions? I would assume the Democrats inquiries would follow the same pattern. Why would that be so different?

These Congressional (clearly partisan) hearings are producing nothing. The only things of relevance we find out about the Russian caper come from leaks and from the reactions of Trump. Whatever the Republican committees are doing is interfering more than helping.

When this all began nearly a year ago, the Republicans seemed genuinely troubled by Russian interference. They actually seemed concerned enough that they wanted to get the "facts". But as revelations came forward that implicated the Trump administration in several avenues of wrongdoing, suddenly the Republican investigation has been trying to look for alternate paths to relevance. So it is back to Hillary and the Clinton foundation and other Democratic plots in waiting.

This is one party government, America. This is what you get. You get lies, deceit, cover up, and tricks. No where do you get truth and discovery.

I once believed that eventually we would get to the bottom of all this. I thought there was a path to truth. But with all the Republican attempts to discredit the facts and individuals involved in finding that truth, it is clear that we are being obstructed in that path.

We have the entire government of the United States sent into massive dysfunction and dishonest manipulation of the facts. This is much, much worse than Watergate. At least at that time, there were people who believed in the truth.

Right now, we do not have anyone in power who cares one pebble about it.
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01/06/18 00:53
...massive dysfunction... aka paradise!

The left is calling for democratic majority rule, and the end of the electoral college, yet a hatred of a "populist government."

The FBI reportedly is looking into the Clinton foundations ties to play-for-pay, and the FBI office in Arkansas is assigned as chief? Isn't this the same office that investigated Bill's special reception room at the Clinton library that upset Hillary So? Perhaps these same agents will describe in detail what they what they witnessed.

Sunday, 60 minutes will outline how many foreign states use YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, to expose voters to what can only be described as propaganda. Look at now public tv used Joe Biden to be a textbook example of opinion imposters as news---aka shilling a book.

Watch as we witness fortune 100 companies try to redirect their complicity in building back doors into the consumer hardware used by Americans (read: NSA) and responsible people everywhere, and exploit those back doors for their own purposes. Then witness evidence they discover our vulnerability as us said weakness for political purposes.

Read your privacy and terms of use contracts you foolishly agree to accept. Then as whether they violate your civil rights when they simply give away your political rights to "partners."

Who the heck are these partners? They agree to not "sell" your privacy, your identity, but they can give it away without recourse, which is what they do.

Until America creates special compartments in he'll, designed to hold these agents from he'll accountable, delete your Facebook, Yahoo, and Google accounts asap.... or simply filter the PROPAGADA manually using the matter between your ears. Choosing manual will result in calluses on fingers as your delete key will be used far too much.



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