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The Games And Soap Opera Of Kurt Daudt

Category: GOP House Republicans
Posted: 09/29/17 00:49

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Daudt continues to escalate the impasse. He responded to the Dayton op-ed in the Star Tribune with his own - in which he stated this:

As he left the mediation room, it became shockingly clear to me what really upset the governor is that he did not completely eliminate the Legislature. This should disturb everyone.

As usual, Daudt uses extreme language to further his aims. Dayton's intent from the very beginning of this dispute was to bring the legislature back to talks about disagreements without shutting down the government.

As usual, Daudt has tricks up his sleeve which allow the legislature to continue funding itself without the funding that was line item vetoed....

The governor claimed he was surprised to learn that the Legislature may be forced to dip into the appropriations to the Legislative Coordinating Commission (LCC) to survive a little longer. We did not hide this from the courts or the governor, and it was wrong for the governor to say we did. The governor and his attorneys have argued since June that his vetoes are constitutional because the House and Senate may be able to take funds from the LCC.

The LCC funds support a lot of legislative offices, and is not meant to be a funding source for day to day legislature funding. But Daudt appears to have decided on using this from the beginning when forced to disclose his plan by the court. He never intended to talk with the governor or negotiate. He has simply decided to frame this dispute as the governor trying to "eliminate" the legislative branch.

Shameless political stunt. But that is how Daudt always operates. Everything he does is politically calculated. He is the epitome of the hyper partisan nature of politics today.

Daudt plans to continue this charade as long as the courts allow it. If it goes into the next session, they will pass a measure to restore those funds and, once again, intentionally force a showdown with the Governor.

Daudt has turned legislating into a 24 hour soap opera. And like the writers of any good soap opera, he looks for that unusual plot twist that will give him the best ratings. He doesn't care about simple governing. About actually getting things done for the people of Minnesota. He wants drama but most of all, to win.

Politics is a game to Kurt Daudt and because of his position - we all have to play.

We need to stop this nonsense as soon as possible.
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