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Trump's Russian Collusion - I No Longer Doubt It

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 09/13/17 01:26

by Dave Mindeman

Well, I am convinced.

Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians to steal the election. The evidence is there, it just has to filter through all the lies and deception.

But it is real.

Not only did this campaign collude, but each and every one of his campaign members agreed to keep their Russian contacts secret and lie about it if necessary.

The list gets long...Paul Manafort, Jared Kushner, Donald Jr, Kellyanne Conway, Michael Flynn were the inner circle; while Mike Pence, Devin Nunes, Hope Hicks, and Sean Spicer were the second tier who were told later.

But this is all Trump. He has been courting Russian connections for a long time. The facts about his near deal for a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2015 (which he denied directly) while the campaign was gearing up was the reason that Trump could not say one bad thing about Vladimir Putin - Trump was trying to cajole a deal that he needed Putin to approve.

I don't know how much detail Robert Muller has uncovered or how much more he needs, but this is a much bigger conspiracy than anything ever cooked up by the alt-right. And this one is real.

And the lengths to which the Russian covert machine went to make this happen are becoming extraordinary as they come to light. The fake news, the facebook ads, the facebook pages, the rally organizing...it gets worse and worse.

Republicans still ignore the facts. They still want it to just go away. But this kind of election tampering will continue unabated until it is confronted. And now, more than ever, we need to stand up to a President who was willing to plot with a foreign adversary just for the sake of winning.

This national nightmare needs to end.
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09/21/17 20:50
Facebook is coming clean on their role in the 2016 fake news fiasco. But it is just the tip of the iceberg. Google needs to come clean, as should all the other social media sites.

The Eastern EU is filled with cottage industries of people siting at their computer an liking books, giving reviews to products they never owned, used, or even seen before. Clicking on survey monkey links. And they are quite good at it. Just look at how Dave's comments board lights up with gibberish. Ditto for newspaper comments areas. It's shameful how respectable newspapers will allow bots in to inflame debates. I recently witnessed it on the USA Today "Livestream" of one of the statues coming down. Bots got in there and started posting outrageously ridiculous postings in the comments area--clearly written by people who were struggling with english as a second language--they read like an assembly manual for an ikea item made in china--hilarious.

There are Bot people claiming they manage and control the identities of hundreds of thousands people imposters and promise to make your book look good with 5 stars on Amazon, or Likes on facebook, or (my favorite) click on and watch ads to secure traffic fees for your website's click-thru revenue stream. Each and every one of these methods can and are being used in an attempt to influence public opinion.

This whole notion of monitoring your web activity and feeding content to your door is nothing short of tragic. Imagine the horror of a young teenage girl who is foolish enough to ask Google about committing suicide. Then the monsters at Google start channeling more and more content right to her door. It should be criminal!

09/16/17 13:59
Russian interference is real. The Trump collusion fiasco is a fundraising event for Democrats and it needs to end.

Teen suicide, Russian interference, the hateful pre-sorting of our political debate, identity theft, all these things are related. This discussion needs to end the false narrative that this is somehow an evil plot of the Trump campaign and redirect the focus on causes.

Social media is broken. And it is destroying our culture. To illustrate, let's take gun control as an example. Social media programs its computers to deliver content that the machinery thinks you want to see. Dave sees a pro-gun control article, reads it, and the machine takes note by delivering other similar articles favoring the confiscation of guns. The same machinery does the very same thing to pro-2nd Amendment people. The process creates a widening division among pro-con debates.

Facebook, twitter, google, all claim they do not deliver propaganda. But imagine a propaganda arm of the Russian government (like RT) places a fake news or biased news (I prefer the term junk news) out on the web. People link to it, read it, and the machinery takes note by delivering similar content and the message expands exponentially due to the machinery.

Now imaging a malicious government interested in actual propaganda. They learn who you are, how you think, and what you read. They arrange to deliver more content directly to you in hopes of re-directing the narrative or even change your opinion.

Yesterday Apple announced that it's new browser will allow you to block anybody from identifying who you are. And the hair on the heads of media moguls spontaneously ignited. This is the family jewels of modern advertising. It is also the family jewels of state craft and psy-ops designed to mess with our people.

Investigate THIS!
09/16/17 12:57
The investigations are supposed to be about Russian interference. And if that turns up a Trump campaign link so-be-it and press charges.

Facebook recently admitted to purging some 3000 fake accounts. What a joke. There are people on the web that say they personally control tens of thousands of accounts. In Twenge's new book iGen she discusses how some teens control dozens of Facebook accounts under false identity and they often don't discover them until after they commit suicide.

Social media has serious issues. And the Democrats pretending this is all about Trump Collusion creates a false narrative--get your head out of the sand.

These digital platforms have a deadly business model and it needs to be addressed. Private companies collect and catalog private details about likes and dislikes, not by clicking on "like" but by stalking your web activity. They do it under the harmless (but only partially true) narrative that they are trying to deliver you the ads that you want to see. I say partially because these same tools are used for political purposes that go well beyond the definition of propaganda. Those very same tools are used by Russia and frankly anybody (Soros, Koch, Russia, GOP, Democrats, etc) to deliver biased content right into your brain. This is the very definition of propaganda.

The deadly practice of allowing people to have the impression they are anonymous is actually killing our children. Suicides among teens through college is up almost 50% since introduction of smart phones (Fig 4.9 pp 106). And depression among girls has increased 60% since 2011 (Fig 4.6 pp 103). Get your head out of the sand and look at what modern social media is doing to the whole country. The teen crisis is simply the canary in the mine. The pre-sorting, focusing, and propaganda machine is doing this to our politics, our communities, our families. Get your head out of the sand Dave!

NPR just had a fascinating discussion on how the Russians changed the narrative in the Ukraine and caused the people in Crimea so much fear that war broke out. The media was 100% complicit with Russian State sponsored propaganda. Most fascinating was when the local people observed the media with only local representation, whatever was news was peaceful and more discussion-like. But when the Russian media covered the events, there was blood and killing and the cameras were in the front row to document it and promulgate a new false narrative. They were reporting people leaving in droves when there were no refugees. But the angst created rose to the level of killing.

Investigate THAT! Investigate how they are doing it in the EU, Africa, and the Mid-East. Figure out how to stop it. To even think that the Trump campaign is smart enough to perpetrate the acts the Democrats are trying to find is ridiculous. Anything rising to that level would have ample bread crumbs on the trail to bring charges immediately.
09/14/17 14:17
Just an FYI. Democrats cannot "foist" this stuff on anybody. The issues are so obvious even the Trump protecting Republicans cannot stop it. Investigative bodies like the FBI started all of this. This is not trolling - it is a very real investigation. Get your head out of the sand.
09/14/17 13:50
Nightmares do need to end...soon. There are real issues that need to be addressed and 99.99999% of the Russian hyperbole foisted on us by Democrats needs to end.

It is well understood how trolls work. You get them on this website all the time...selling dontbuy , selling snake oil. The comments board fills with garbage somebody on this website is purging periodically. How does it work?

Trolling is a cottage industry in eastern Europe. Yes, it is possible to be sequestered in the basement of your mother's cottage and make a living as a troll. You open up false IDs and start posting on open message boards, facebook, twitter, etc.

People who pay for ads by Zuckerberg are fools. They pay 'click through fees' that pay when your content is able to attract somebody to click on a link to the content you want to pay to have promoted. Zuckerberg sees how this works. I pick on Mark, because he is an easy way to illustrate this. The trolls are paid to create identities that click on ads and he gets paid. Zuckerberg WANTS the trolls. He loves trolls. Because they draw people to click on stuff and he gets paid, paid by the fools who are paying to have him drive visitors to their content.

And yes, a large portion of advertising today is political advertising. You will never get the money out of politics because the 4th estate lives because of the ad revenue the money in politics creates. And yes, trolls can and do automate to start posting propaganda. It is widely believed that Putin did expend effort to use the trolls to influence our election. But ask yourself...were you ever enticed to use dontbuy because of the trolls that post in the comments area of this website? Of course not. Zero influence on you. And there was zero influence by Putin.

We still enjoy a secret ballot in our elections. Putin planting seeds of discontent may inflame discontent but does it actually change a voter's support for one candidate over another? You cannot measure this...impossible to measure.

Social media is in a tizzy right now because these trolls actually dominate many social media websites. Log into the NYTimes, or USA Today, and thousands are using something other than their true identity to post comments. It is highly probably that a large percentage of those comments are posted by trolls paid to influence opinions--and automated by machinery. Until the practice of using anonymous names is ended, you will never get this under control. People who make comments should be held accountable to the public discourse by accepting responsibility for their postings and attaching that responsibility to their true identity. Ditto for bullying in schools. Children feel they can hide behind anonymous names and say the most outrageous and hurtful things without recourse.

Social media is broken. We need to either fix this or end it. Go read Jean Twenge's new book "iGen...Why Today's Super-Connected Kids are Growing up Less Rebellieous, More Tolerant, Less Happy--and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood." We may be witness to one man, Mark Zuckerberg, destroying an entire generation of Civilization...and do it in full view of the public...today!

Lord knows they have broken our politics by sorting us into tribes of hateful and hurtful anonymous patrons of social media and modern ad-newsium.



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