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Hillary's Has A Book - Opportunity To Pile On

Category: Hillary Clinton
Posted: 09/07/17 14:15

by Dave Mindeman

Hillary Clinton has a book out on the 2016 election.

Which seems to be another opportunity to bash Hillary Clinton for existing. She has been criticized for not being forthcoming on things - so she writes an honest book and points to the things she feels went wrong (including things she did) but that apparently is too forthright.

This election was stolen from her. She is the rightful President. The Russian propaganda tactics are coming out as more intense than we ever imagined. And Democrats were as gullible to that barrage as any Republican on the planet.

Yeah, maybe we are dwelling too much on the past - but if anyone has the right to vent it is Hillary Clinton. When the election was over, too many people jumped on another Clinton bashing bandwagon. She has never been able to do the right thing as far as the majority of people are concerned. She has been a right wing punching bag for decades - but what was unique about this election was the way some Democrats piled on.

Competency matters. Policy matters. A proper world view matters.

I get angry thinking about the way this woman was treated and continues to be treated. She doesn't wear her emotions on her sleeve - probably because emotional women aren't allowed in politics - but she has a compassionate heart. Always has. And that is something we sorely need right now.

Maybe she was slightly right of the progressive viewpoints - but she was always with us on the environment, abortion rights, immigration, health care, education, and children's health.

Think we don't need a person on our side for those issues now?

I know Hillary is a major point of contension with Democrats and Republicans alike. But I think we all have done enough damage to her, her reputation, and ultimately to ourselves for one lifetime.

Let her have her say - she earned the right.
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