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DFL Gov Candidate Series: State Auditor Rebecca Otto

Category: MN 2016 Governor
Posted: 08/06/17 22:36

(This is the 2nd installment in the DFL Gov candidate series.)

by Dave Mindeman

Rebecca Otto will defend her credentials for governor to all comers. She speaks with confidence about her record and is quick to point out that she has run several successful statewide races already and is more than ready to do battle for governor.

She pushes back against any perception that she might not run well in the 8th District - citing the statistic that she ran 12% better than Rep. Nolan did in the 8th District. Although it is only fair to point out that the flood of money directed to the 8th District was not meant for her race - the margin is still impressive.

Otto has been building name recognition across the state and has, what she says, is a bold, economic plan for ALL of Minnesota which will lift all boats - rural and metro alike. The details of this plan are curiously, yet to be revealed, as some vetting needs to be done. But she talks about this plan with confidence in its reach and scope.

She is an absolute supporter of single payer...and wants any bill process for it to be open and transparent. She still has a bone to pick with the legislature over that bill that stripped some of her authority as state auditor. And she is adamant that the lawsuit she is pursuing will vindicate her view that this provision is unconstitutional. The auditor authority is provided for in the Constitution and that makes this law a violation of that compact. And although she states that this dead of night provision came out of Daudt's House - she has a wry smile about Tom Bakk's part in the drama as well.

We talked a little about messaging and she agrees that Democrats try too much of the long form explanation of issues. She goes back to her experience as an educator and wants to shorten the message. Get more ideas in a smaller space and reach out to the public with that.

I think Rebecca, (with maybe an equal emphasis by Paul Thissen), is the candidate most focused on making government transparent. This is an important issue since so many of our legislative sessions have had decisions made in the final hours behind closed doors with only leadership allowed in.

Rebecca Otto has definite designs on being Minnesota's first female governor.
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