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Budgets Based On Tax Cuts

Category: Transportation
Posted: 05/15/17 00:04

by Dave Mindeman

Both parties give us this line about how we need to stop borrowing from our children. And then when they pass the budget, they borrow from our children.... by giving the rich more tax cuts.

Stop saying you are doing it for future generations. You clearly are not. Legislators are only interested in special interests groups that want everything now...or for the next business quarter....or to increase current profit margins. It really is NEVER about the kids.

For instance, a survey was done in Minnesota among college students that go to school in the river towns like Winona. Huge numbers of students say that rail service should be increased and that they would ride much more frequently if it was.

Millenials often end up in urban or suburban settings where they prefer light rail for going to and from work and school. Young people are very interested in reductions in energy consumption. They are sensitive to what damages the earth. College students have a unique interest in college debt - another thing that we could do something about to lower debt for our kids - and yet with Republicans in control, this has been pigeon holed indefinitely.

But when you hear the budget discussions, does any of that come up? Is the current generation ever going to meet the obligations they have created? Will we ever stop borrowing from the future?

Amassing wealth in this country has been the main purpose of this generation. At least it seems that way. The wealthy get tax breaks and incentives for a lot of stated reasons - job growth, economic stimulus, fairness, overspending, etc, etc, etc. But we never discuss the real reason - pure greed.

Why would a CEO of a company need $100 million to $200 million a year in compensation? Is their standard of living suffering? Are there things in life they cannot afford? Do they use that money in zealous philanthropy?

No. No, and No.

The Republican obsession with tax cuts hurts the people that voted for Trump. They cut programs they need to give it to tax cuts. They risk losing the safety net, to give it to tax cuts. They obstruct infrastructure spending to give it to tax cuts. They block future transportation projects, to give it to tax cuts. They rail against the need for health and human services, so they can give it to tax cuts. Higher education investments get reduced or delayed, to give it to tax cuts. And students are increasingly caught in a debt spiral without relief, so that we can give it to tax cuts.

We should be ashamed. Truly ashamed of the massive burden we have put on future generations. And it is not because we overspend...not in the least. It is because our legislators have promised more wealth to their patrons. The rich get richer and the future gets mortgaged.

When the country's economy collapses, the wealthy will probably feel the burden last, because the rest of us were screwed long ago.
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