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Gimmicks, Games, and Greed

Category: Economy
Posted: 05/09/17 14:06

by Dave Mindeman

When Republicans are in charge of the legislature, we seem to get subjected to the most ridiculous budget gimmicks and games.

Even though the GOP controls both Houses of the legislature, they can't send Governor Dayton a unified budget. What is that about? Can't they figure this out between them. Do they have to send these confusing mixed messages?

And what kind of game are they playing by send up their budgets in the dead of night? Do they like the intrigue? Are they afraid of what might be seen in the light of day?

It can never be simple. Especially when Kurt Daudt is in charge of the House. He has to make it complicated. And he has to make it impossible for the Governor to be involved in a fair negotiation.

When their is a choice, and there always is a choice, between up front negotiations and confrontation, Daudt always chooses the latter.

But good feelings seemed to be abandoned as evening came. After dark, with no budget hearings or advance notice, the Legislature finalized most of their budget measures for votes as soon as Tuesday, the precursor to delivering them to Dayton. The governor found out about the move Monday night from aides monitoring Twitter. Specifically, legislative leaders had members of joint committees negotiating compromises on the budget sign off on GOP-written versions of the bills.

No outside input. Communication on Twitter. And dead of night sign-offs.

This is a new game, even for Republicans.

And the end result is trying to ram a budget through to get tax cuts to fuel a gimmicky budget which leaves out a number of priorities.

Why do we ever put Republicans in charge of anything?

It is always a disaster. Gimmicks and games - the Republican way.
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