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About That Press Conference - It Was A Disaster, Believe Me

Category: Donald Trump
Posted: 02/16/17 22:46

by Dave Mindeman

This is no longer about partisanship. No longer about party. No longer about principle. No longer about who's right or who is wrong.

This is about surviving Donald Trump.

I watched his press conference today and, sorry, that was the most embarrassing thing I have ever witnessed. Forget the policy. Forget the attempts at political points. Forget all of it.

That was a 747, nose down plane crash.

During that presser, Donald said that you people (the press) will all say tomorrow that Donald was ranting and raving.

Well, I would call what I witnessed the very definition of ranting and raving. It was textbook ranting and raving. To say it was ranting and raving would be good reporting.

To you Republicans....really? You really think that was a Presidential performance. Seriously? I mean it. It was awful. It was pathetic. It was...oh hell, I need more adjectives. This was just not good for the image and future of the United States.

I used to think that we'd have to tolerate Trump because if he was gone, it would just mean President Pence. And since that would probably be just as bad policy wise, might as well deal with Trump.

I no longer think that. I now prefer President Pence - because I value order and not chaos. Policy difference, not policy danger.

Donald Trump is not capable of being President of the United States. He is not capable of being normal. As he would say, it's a disaster, believe me.

Some serious leadership is needed here - and yet the Republican silence tells us that they never really were a country first type of Party. They are only looking to extract whatever they can underneath the cover of a madman.

It is beyond any level of logic I can come up with. We are in big trouble.
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02/18/17 18:28
Fake news coming from mainstream media is getting out-spun by the Donald. Listen to the reports coming out of Florida and then watch this clip and ask yourself which one is connecting to the public.

02/18/17 13:11
Own it! You supported the worst possible candidate against an even worse candidate. Of all the GOP in the hunt, Hillary was candidate most likely to lose against the worst candidate in US history. Own it.

I love this county. The elegance to her checks and balances means we could have my Labradoodle in that office and the place would still run. Unfortunately for the Progressive Left, the people of this country are fed up with politics as usual. Instead they want people to run the place. Fix it! Unfortunately for ALL of us, this is going to be very painful.

I just got back from walking my Labradoodle and NPR had a feature about Lewis' rant about MN high risk pool. Then they interviewed some guy who was in that pool and passionately complained that his entry into that pool meant he had to pay $18000/year premium. I about fell over. I am 60, have a BCBS Silver plan, am fairly healthy, and I pay $18K/year now with an additional $7200 to my HSA. Do the math. That's over $25K per year. And you say this isn't broken?

It's going to take bat sh*t crazy to sign off on what we need to do to fix the dozens of fronts that need attention. Military, financial, debt, education, taxes, terror, jobs, healthcare, the works. The fix is exceptionally painful because government has accepted 100% responsibility for what should be, for the most part, the purview of the states and individual responsibility.

Be careful what you wish for. That's a very slippery slope. Ignore him. Let him rant. who cares? The best way to punish my dog is to ignore her. His attention seeking behavior will be the unintended consequence of having a commander in chief capable of actually implementing policy formed by very smart people. Be mindful about what comes through the checks and balances that is this wonderful country.
Pete Boelter
02/17/17 23:11
There is thought out there that Donald Trump can't read. Reflect on his speaking, as in his most recent press conference and his campaign stump stops, where he rants off the cuff and the gaffs seemingly come one after another. His performance on Thursday was theater of the absurd, he embarrassed himself and our country before the rest of the world. That said, at Boeing on Friday, he read a prepared speech from the teleprompters. Whether you liked what he had to say it was focused and organized. Getting to my point; his presentation was poor and broken at times as if he got lost from his place in the text. I am not sure the guy is a good reader; the speech would indicate he's either poorly rehearsed or a poor reader. A better job none-the-less than his performance at the press conference.

What we learned from the press conference is he lives in an alternative universe and needs to retreat to Trump Tower where he should be kept and not released for the next four years.

E.J. Dionne wrote "Admit it:Donald Trump is unfit to serve as president." David Brooks called Trump "mildly deranged". Ask on NewsHour of his comment he said he'd like to walk that back a bit and called him "unmoored". Any time he breaks from script we can expect bat crap crazy rants. Pray for us.


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