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Once Again, We Are Back To Voter "Fraud"

Category: Voting
Posted: 01/26/17 14:23

by Dave Mindeman

I can't believe that we have to rehash this voter fraud thing once more.

The Donald will not let an election he won go quietly. His ego will not let him accept that he lost the popular vote.

And he didn't lose it by a small margin - he lost it by 2.8 million votes. That is an historic fact that he can never escape. But he still wants to keep the issue going. No one can explain it.

What is even worse about this is that Trump barely won in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Each by less than 1% of the vote. If any one should be looking into voter irregularities, it should be Hillary Clinton.

If Trump is seriously worried about voter fraud, then why didn't he support the Jill Stein sponsored recounts? Why did he try to shut them down? Why did his lawyers insist then, that the vote was sound with no evidence of fraud?

At least Trump said publicly what Republicans keep private...and that is the belief or interpretive belief that only Democrats benefit from this so-called voter fraud. Which by itself is a disqualifying assertion.

It is hard to believe that a Party that has been so successful in electoral politics would question the very electoral system they have benefited from. But they do this over and over - with what seems to be the purpose of gaming the system even further via voter suppression.

Voter fraud is not the problem. The problem is gerrymandering, voter ID manipulations, breaking down the voting rights act, purging voter rolls, and targeting minorities to minimize their voting power.

That is the real fraud we should be discussing. Not some no evidence claims that are meant to undermine our voting system.

Here in Minnesota, the same ridiculous unsubstantiated criticism goes on as well. A Minnesota blog called "Power Line" (written by the guys that questioned the authenticity of CBS story on W.Bush's service in the National Guard) has been pushing the voter "fraud" issue.

John Hinderaker's latest treatise is entitled "Did Donald Trump Carry Minnesota?" Yeah, there you go. Trump will probably be quoting that one very soon.

Here is summation:

Voter fraud is concentrated among same-day registrants, and nearly all illegal ballots are cast for Democrats. Hillary Clinton reportedly won Minnesota by around 45,000 votes. This means that if 10% of those who same-day registered also voted illegally (non-citizens, convicted felons, already voted in another state, etc.), Donald Trump probably carried the state.

He states "nearly all illegal ballots are cast for Democrats." Really? You can say such a thing as just intuitively, factually true?

There are some ACTUAL facts out there about voter fraud.

First, it is extremely rare. Out of millions of votes, the voter fraud cases number less than a 100 - and even if you look for a broader case of challenged voting, you still don't get to more than a few thousand. Even if all of them WERE Democratic (which they are not), there is nothing involved here that can possibly affect an outcome.

Second, real and prosecuted voter fraud is not only rare, but far more prevalent among Republicans than Democrats. In 2016, there were 4 cases prosecuted. Three of them were Republicans. If you want a further list of GOP instances, go here. One study tracked voter impersonation fraud since the 2000 election - they found a total of 31 cases in all those years out of 1 BILLION votes cast.

Third, people can be registered in more than one state. This is not illegal. Voting in each state in the same election would be. People who have moved are not going to be removed from state rolls unless they report their move. How many people do that? Anybody? This is not some conspiracy (as Trump thinks)...and here is a factual report....

David Becker, the executive director for The Center for Election Innovation and Research, said after the November election that his group found millions of "out of date registration records, but no evidence that voter fraud resulted."

None. No evidence of anything wrong.

Fourth, regarding undocumented people voting. Our system is geared to preventing such an occurrence. You do not get registered without proof of residence. And if you do same day registration, you also have to have proof of residence. Sure, a few people might sneak through, but millions or even thousands or even hundreds? Seriously?

This ridiculous argument grows tiresome. And frankly, it is simply meant to be a distraction that will lead to more voter suppression. You watch the bills that pass through the legislatures regarding voting restrictions. And you watch the legislators use voter "fraud" as their reasoning. They believe that the American public doesn't need actual facts, they think they can scare them into thinking it exists. And often, it works.

Republicans do not win when there is an actual vote from the majority in this country. Trump isn't President because of a majority - he is there because of an outdated electoral system. And Congress is Republican, not because a majority of Americans are represented - no, it is because districts are carved out in such a way as to maximize benefit to the Party that can manipulate it the most. And Republicans in the Senate do not represent a majority of the population, because tiny population states get as much representation as the higher population states.

So for power to remain in Republican hands, they need to manipulate. They manipulate the system and manipulate how we think about the integrity of how we count the votes.

It is not voting fraud we should be worried about - it is the fraudulent way that Republicans talk about it that is the real problem.

Real Democracy protects one person = one vote. Right now we have a system that rewards certain votes over others.
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01/27/17 21:25
My father passed away at age 88 back in September 2015. I had his mail forwarded to my address so that i could process his details properly.

Last spring I got a postcard reminder from the DMV that his drivers license was scheduled to expire on his 90th birthday. He was encouraged to renew.

So much for DMV records. RIP...

01/27/17 19:37
Irony of your 99% comment is not lost on me. After all, 99% of the people vote properly. As for voters being checked after the fact...actually they are. The new registrations are verified by DMV lists. And if not sure, a postcard is mailed - if it comes back undeliverable, that name is taken off the list. There is this assumption that fraud is rampant - but I have always wondered what actual incentive people really have. If they are trying to influence an election, their vote isn't going to do anything. And if a massive conspiracy were involved, our system would uncover that in a hurry. The essence of all this suspicion is to change voting regulations to favor Republicans. It is as simple as that.
01/27/17 17:42
Fair enough. The view from your corner of the room is colored by the glasses you wear and read 'voter suppression' behind every effort to lock down the voting process.

When you vote, you sign into the registered voter list by asserting that you are who you say you are. It cannot be denied that many believe this to be an area where hanky-panky can occur--especially in large precincts where everybody is a stranger. Are these logs investigated after the fact to determine whether a person was reported as dead? Maybe they signed the wrong line? Is it flagged after the fact? Nope. Only instances where there is a contested election result. And even then there are many-many questions that are unanswerable.

There are many large inner city precincts across the country where 100% voted democrat. How is that possible? Statistically impossible. Are there in-depth investigations? Nope! Too expensive. And impossible to vet after the fact when same day registration and flimsy vetting creates another opportunity for hanky-panky. The homeless deserve their day in the voting booth too. I don't want to see anybody denied an opportunity to cast a legal vote. But your policy advocation intentionally results in a cloud of controversy over these issues. I applaud the Donald's interest in an investigation.

As to your wiki-leaks assertions of tainted data. Impossible to know. But when 99% is later proven true the opportunity for those with a brain to construe the accuracy to be more like 100%. Failure to lock it down will taint the message and the debate forever. Thus we see every debate colored by the glasses worn by each group viewing from their own corner of the room. What is very clear from the leaked emails is that the Democratic Party is far from perfect. If they didn't mean those embarrassing things then they should not have thought them much less written abou them.
01/27/17 16:30
Let me try one more time. That video doesn't show the "entirety" of the interview - it shows selected excerpts. And the narrator interprets what is said within his own idea of the context. The Podesta e-mails are from WikiLeaks and there have instances where they were doctored by unknown entities - and the responses in question could have been part of a larger e-mail chain. When you say that the Obama interview segment was "shown in entirety" you are claiming that all parts of the context involved with this one tiny segment is shown. It is not. And the narrative makes a suggestion that is speculation, not fact.
01/27/17 15:29
Dave, on this blog you are the King. You can delete and silence me if you want, and in doing so will forever admit your passionate disregard for the truth and those that view the world from a different corner of the room.

The video shows in entirety the segment of an interview of Obama and quotes emails that really were penned by Podesta. Your willingness to ignore facts based on the source of those facts is alarmingly irresponsible.

I appreciate your willingness to continue to allow me to (some would say) troll your blog. You represent to me everything about our political environment that is broken. I cherish our back and forth. You challenge my view of the world as I see it from my corner--a view that may-or-may-not be in alignment with the majority as measured by the popular vote, but is in alignment with the electoral college vote.

I'm just sayin...
01/27/17 14:05
Geez Ford - do I have to start deleting your stuff? That video is from Seattle For Truth - a conspiracy site on the order of Alex Jones (a big 39 followers on Twitter). Please use better sources. I am not going to promote fake news.
01/27/17 13:44
Podesta emails suggest a programatic effort to encourage illegal voting.


01/27/17 12:29
Evidence that the controversy lives.


Cavuto went after Obama on this and made a big deal out of this outrageous nonsense that went down just prior to election.


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