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Kurt Daudt Is Just Bad At His Job - Part 2

Category: Kurt Daudt
Posted: 01/24/17 01:00

by Dave Mindeman

Kurt Daudt continues to be bad at his job. He has sent a letter to Donald Trump to discuss health care and mining - forgetting that he should be discussing all of that with our current governor first.

During the campaign, Daudt railed against the idea of one party government. That we needed to keep the House GOP in power to act as a check on those Democrats.

Well, now that he has that check plus a bonus in the Senate, he now acts like it is his perogative to simply move ahead with his own version of one party government. It is as though Dayton does not exist and that the Governor's opinion no longer matters.

If Daudt would get his health care waiver, it would seem prudent to negotiate a little with Gov. Dayton, because the waiver will mean nothing if you can't get anything past a veto.

Daudt is like Trump in that he cannot get out of campaign mode and act like someone willing to govern. He has let the Speaker position go to his head.

His arrogance and disrespect for our governor is shameful and his grandiose ideas of a Republican agenda seem to ignore the idea that 90,000 people descended upon the Capitol to say, wait a minute, you better listen to the rest of us.

Daudt and the House Republicans seem to be assuming that they have a durable majority now. That they can ride this urban/rural divide for as long as they want. Don't be too sure about that - if you are going to make all these changes to health care, you could be depriving a lot of rural hospitals and residents of things they have to come to count on....and will notice when they are gone.

Yeah, Daudt, you seem to be lost in your own rhetoric and think that the GOP is going to be riding high for a long time.

Continue to believe that - the lofty placement makes the fall that much harder.
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