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August 9th Primary - Lots Of Underlying Issues Surface

Category: Voting
Posted: 08/04/16 16:03, Edited: 08/04/16 18:48

by Dave Mindeman

Next Tuesday is our Minnesota Primary. There are a number of interesting races going on and MinnPost outlines a few of them.

Kurt Daudt has one that has been high profile. I think he should win fairly easily, but if the margin is at all close, it might affect negotiations for a special session.

Daudt looks like a guy who wants to run for governor. And in order to do that he has to placate a Tea Party base that is looking for fights. The Trump phenomena also complicates these elections. If Daudt is feeling even the slightest bit uncomfortable with all that, we could see some obstruction on how we get things done at the Capitol.

Senator Sean Nienow has a bit of a similar problem. His disastrous financial disclosure led a loss of his endorsement from his Senate district and the need to win in a primary. That is kind of an unknown a present.

Rep. Tom Hackbarth, on the other side of Daudt's district, also lost his endorsement to some rowdy local activists and after serving for years, needs to run in a primary as well.

In the Democratic Party there are some primary races that indicate a surge in racial representation. Phyllis Kahn is in the race of her life against two very good Somali-American opponents. Rep. Rena Moran is being challenged by a Black Lives Matter activist who feels she has not been forceful enough in her representation. Billy Joe Champion has received a similar challenge for the same reason, although the challenger didn't come out of BLM.

There are a lot of things roiling under the surface. Next Tuesday we will start to sort them out.


P.S. Remember to vote for Natalie Hudson on the Judges ballot.
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