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Advice For "Thugs" From The Camo Suit Guy

Category: GOP Presidential Candidates
Posted: 06/09/16 12:37, Edited: 06/09/16 12:40

by Dave Mindeman

Don't be a thug.

Interesting advice coming from Rep. Tony Cornish, who sometimes comes to committee meetings dressed like this...


He's a gun guy, NRA guy, tough guy, former policeman, and chair of the Public Safety and Crime Prevention Policy Committee. He has an office full of dead animals and a manner that borders on condescension.

But he is full of advice and he wrote a letter to the Star Tribune which stirs up more unrest in regards to civil rights.

Cornish has a lot of contempt for Black Lives Matter. They know it, he knows it. And he seems to relish that contempt.

But I doubt he is really doing his fellow cops any service by flaming extra passions.

That word thug wasn't an accident. And let's just say it - it is code for black. Cornish continues this ridiculous line of reasoning that the cops and the black community are somehow at war with each other.

Cornish shrugs off any racism charges....

"By people calling me racist, they're trying to minimize my message. They know my message is true. And it would help in almost all cases if those rules were followed," he said.

What about rules for police officers? Yes, they have a very difficult and underappreciated job. Granted. But they also need to follow protocols which make sense and minimize confrontation.

Cornish's letter outlines rules for citizens to follow - but why are rules for cops completely absent. If the idea is to reduce the use of force by police officers, why should it be only the citizen's responsibility to make that reduction?

If a person is unarmed and the police are - the unarmed person should NOT be dead. I do not think that is an unreasonable request. The police are given a lot of discretion in their actions, and I understand that, but that discretion has limits...common sense limits. Right now, those common sense limits seem to be thrown out the window.

And guys like Rep. Tony Cornish only fan the flames of mistrust.

Talking about "thugs" is an intentional provocation.

Mr. Cornish, next time you want to discuss public safety policy, leave your Camo suit at home, your NRA pins in your drawer, and your condescending attitude in your back pocket.
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06/12/16 16:59
My innocence is showing...

Wes, I'm not sure what you mean by "...the white conservative movement in the USA has adopted it (thug) as a substantive replacement..."

I patently reject this premise.

Thugs references gangsters and mobsters and organized crime mafioso. Quite contrary to Black Lives Matter, all those mental images come back as white men with violent methods to their criminal conduct. And when their spokewoman started drawing the connection between the reference to thugs and her mental image that this was all about young black males, I am still stunned at her openly racist view of the world. Stunned!

Wes Volkenant
06/12/16 01:28
Ford - you need the Urban Dictionary for this one, not Webster's.

Definition number 7 for "Thug", for example:

"Originally a reference to a violent group/cult in India but etymologically anglicized to refer to a brutal criminal in general for most of the latter 19th and 20th century.

The word was adopted/co-opted by the American Rap and Hip Hop music scene in the late 20th century generally defining a tough anti-hero with criminal involvement.

Recently the white conservative movement in the U.S.A. has adopted it as a substantive replacement for the vulgar and toxic term "nigger" which is no longer safe for use in most media channels.

Livin' life thug style -- Tupac (To live and die in L.A. 1996).

"Obama is an Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief'"(Mark Williams)

#thug #racist #thugee #nigger #freeper #teabagger

by Howlwoh September 17, 2009 "
06/09/16 17:14
Thugs are black men? Since when?

Anybody who equates a "thug" to a black male suffers from a nasty stereotype image of what the dictionary calls "a brutal ruffian or assassin: Gangster, tough"

When I heard Black Lives Matter spokeswoman make that connection, I immediately thought--wow! She's more racist than anybody I ever met!


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