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Target Vs The American Family Association

Category: Gay Rights
Posted: 04/26/16 00:52

by Dave Mindeman

The American Family Association is at war with Target Corp. Claiming half a million people pledging to boycott Target stores, they say that the Target company has anti-family values in their bathroom policy:

Target has crossed the line by intentionally exposing women and girls to voyeurs and sexual predators with their restroom and dressing room policy.

And what exactly is this ghastly policy?

Target decided "to allow transgender employees and customers to use restrooms that correspond with their gender identity."


Now Target could have just said nothing - after all it is unlikely that how bathrooms are being used in their stores will actually change. But, in the light of more and more state laws making arguments that use of bathrooms, for some reason, needs to be regulated, Target decided that a uniform statement is necessary.

Because they defined it, the American Family Association decided that this was unacceptable and grounds for a membership boycott.

Is that really something to cause a boycott?

The American Family Association is a social issue throwback organization. Organized in 1977 in Mississippi of all places, this group takes us back to the 1980's.

They sell homeschool products like this....

Evolution of Darwin Series 3 DVD Set

This DVD boxed set features three of today's most popular creationist scientists and speakers. Each presents important, little-known information about Charles Darwin and his ideas that, in many ways, changed the world. This unique and well-illustrated series will equip every student, parent, and pastor who desires to be more effective in evangelizing and training the next generation!

A bargain at $20.99


Dragons or Dinosaurs DVD

For centuries, dinosaurs have been used to discredit the Bible but Dragons or Dinosaurs? will present new, clear, and stunning visual evidence that uses them to actually verify the Bible''s history.

Another bargain at $19.95

And they also sell coffee....

American Family Coffee...in Freedom, Blessing, or Courage flavors.
Just $10.95 a pouch.

Maybe they want their followers to just not shop the "competition".

I wouldn't sweat it Target - these characters all shop at WalMart anyway.
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